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This is it, friends. FromSoftware have released the final chapter in what has become one of the most celebrated and innovative franchises in modern gaming. Countless deaths and horrifying beasts lie in your wake, all of which will ultimately test your skills as a gamer.

But this doesn't have to be a journey that you alone must embark on. The Souls series has always featured remarkably unique online and multiplayer elements, and Dark Souls 3 is no different.

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Below is the step-by-step process to conquering the Kingdom of Lothric with a friend by your side. FromSoftware are famous for making online interactions convoluted and often don't explain how it actually operates in-game. We're here to clear that up for you.

Get Yourself Some Embers

The Lords of Cinder are those that we must vanquish in Dark Souls 3. They are previous heroes who have linked the First Flame across eons. We can become one of these Lords, albeit briefly, by consuming an Ember. Simply go into your menu, find an ember and select 'use' (Embers replace Humanity and Human Effigies from previous Souls games).

When using an Ember your maximum Health Points receives a 1.3x boost, and you will be able to summon other players via the Soul Sign. You'll see these signs randomly on the ground, most often near bonfires or outside of boss entrances.

How To Be Summoned

You can obtain a White Sign Soapstone from the Handmaid for a small amount of souls, or wait until an enemy drops one. This item will let you leave a summoning symbol, which will enable you to help other players in their own game. Once you've set it down, the summoning symbol then appears in other player's games around the world in the same location that you've marked. They can then call on you for help and you'll be met with a loading screen until you arrive.

I'll be there in a second, mate!
I'll be there in a second, mate!

Co-op With A Friend

In order to ensure your friend is the player that summons you, Dark Souls 3 has included a password system which was carried over from Bloodborne. When leaving a summoning symbol, you can select whether you want to protect it with a password. Only a player with that password will be able to summon you into their game. This is not restricted to level.

Normally in Souls games, you have to be close to the other players' level in order to summon them. Password protection skips over this, so your friend of level 100 can actually help you even if you've only turned the game on - nice.

Please don't.
Please don't.

Things To Know

  • The Boss Must Be Alive - In order to summon someone into your game, you have to ensure that the boss in your current area has not been defeated. Summoning is supposed to help you primarily defeat bosses.
  • If You Die - If you die while helping one of your friends in their own game, you'll be sent back to your own world. If the host dies during a session then everyone is sent back to their own world.
  • When You Succeed - If you and your friend defeat the boss of a certain area, the player who was summoned into that world will be sent back to their own. Once you go into the next area, you'll be able to summon them back again.

It's a complicated system and FromSoftware are famous for it. But we love them, so it's okay!

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