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Donald Trump's polemical presidential campaign has been met with feverous support and staunch opposition, in both real and virtual life. Players in the online world Second Life recently came together to express their political views in game, and, just like the real campaign, it wasn't long before things got more than a little surreal.

It all began when a user named JP Laszlo bought himself a house, turning it into a virtual version of Trump’s mansion. Take a look...

The gates of freedom

Where the magic happens

Make America Grate Again

But it wasn't long before some particularly rowdy neighbours moved in right across the street, erecting a makeshift protest settlement adorned with signs that read “HADET: Making Heresy Great Again.”

The anti-Trump group, possibly called 'Chaos Indivisvm', instead rallied behind a candidate known as Hadet, who attracted a rather unusual demographic.

Kotaku's Mike Fahey recounts what he saw during the protest:

The anti-Trump, pro-chaos rally soon erupted into chaos, which is probably a win for them. Half of the crowd wandered over to the Trump auditorium to discuss how much Kotaku sucks and then crash the sim. The other half had snacks. It was a lovely evening.

Well then. Whatever you think about Trump's campaign, you can't deny the new life its injected into this 13 year old game.

Is there a place for video game activism?

[Via: Kotaku]


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