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Since way back in September Fear the Walking Dead has teased that a cast member from the spin-off mini series Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 would be joining the show in Season 2, and now that time has come!

Thanks to a promo for Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, it has been confirmed that Flight 462's Charlie, played by Michelle Ang, will be the lucky survivor of that ill-fated flight and the one to join the show. Take a look at the clip below and see if you can spot her:

Did you manage to see her? Charlie only appears on screen for split second just behind Alicia as she takes a swing:

Charlie is just behind Alicia on the beach
Charlie is just behind Alicia on the beach

Charlie proved herself a capable and strong character during Flight 462, and seemed to be the only person aboard the flight who understood the risks of the infected and also how to kill them properly. Her skills and will to survive are sure to make her a great addition to the cast of characters currently assembled on Strand's boat.

Charlie killing Suzanne on Flight 462
Charlie killing Suzanne on Flight 462

32-year-old Ang may already be a familiar face to audiences from her roles in movies and TV series such as The Tribe, Neighbours, Outrageous Fortune, Grey's Anatomy, Top of the Lake and Underemployed and The Taking of Deborah Logan. Ang joins fellow New Zealander Cliff Curtis (Travis) in Fear the Walking Dead's ever-expanding international cast.

According to IMDB, Fans of Fear the Walking Dead should expect to see Charlie make her first appearance on the series in Episode 3, though AMC is yet to officially confirm this.

'Fear the Walking Dead' returns with Episode 2 "We All Fall Down" on Sunday, April 17 on AMC

Are you excited that Charlie will be joining 'Fear the Walking Dead'?

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