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Chris Pratt had bigger fish to fry than winning an MTV award when he decided to take his son fishing yesterday. It's very cute. They didn't take the truck though; no no, son-and-father time required the PRIVATE JET.

Perhaps to underscore his recognition of his love for his son, as proclaimed at the MTV ceremony held on Saturday, he flew Jack Pratt to an undisclosed oasis of tranquility somewhere green and luscious.

Mornin' Chris And Jack!

Source: ChrisPrattSnap
Source: ChrisPrattSnap

The day started normally and blearily enough. Then struck...

Jet O'Clock!

The post, which won 202,000 likes, was accompanied by this sweet ramble:

Air traffic control. Got to take a jet. Which is the pinnacle of luxury travel. So blessed and fortunate and still embracing how fantastic this is. Some people lose that. I don't think I will. Who knows? I hope not to.

Bit of trivia: according to PlaneFinder these Hawker Beechcraft wings are 26 years old.

Bass Master Jackin' It

The little kid is taught how to cast his fishing rod in what is perhaps an early way his actor father introducing his son to going through his lines. In the video, Chris says:

"Go back a little bit, on the side, then over the top a little bit and let go. Reel it in slow and feel for nibbles.

Jack squeals: "Yes!" but he doesn't seem to have got a bite — yet.

It's A Big 'Un!

Hooray! Got one at last! Go Jack! Chris wrote:

This little dude is bass fishing crazy. Just like his daddy!

What celeb would catch the biggest fish?

Source: Buzzfeed


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