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Jeke? Jan? Okay, maybe Jake Gyllenhaal and Jen Aniston don't mash up into a great 'ship name, but that doesn't mean we can't imagine what could have been! An endearingly tongue-tied Jake Gyllenhaal recently revealed that he's long been harboring a secret celebrity crush on his The Good Girl co-star, Jennifer Aniston.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, a reporter asked Aniston for her thoughts on the whole thing, and the 46-year-old stunner responded:

"I just don't know why we're finding this out now!"

The reporter asked Aniston if this would have changed anything, had she known about Gyllenhaal's secret love earlier, and Aniston joked:

"I don't know! He likes the older ladies."

Check out the whole interview from Access Hollywood here:

Gyllenhaal kept his flame well hidden when the pair co-starred in The Good Girl back in 2002. Almost 15 years later and it looks like it's finally time to let the truth be known!

Although, this begs the question: how did we not see it before??? Check out this interview from back in 2002 where they talk about their sex scenes from The Good Girl.

Aniston married director and actor Justin Theroux on August 5, 2015, so it looks like it's probably too late for Gyllenhaal. But let's hope they at least stay good friends?

Seriously, though — they were too cute together!

What name would you use to ship Jen and Jake?

Source: Access Hollywood


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