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So, Vanessa Hudgens has a sister. And that sister is 7 years younger than her. But in this picture posted by TMZ, they look like they could be identical twins!

Can you tell them apart? Granted, the sunglasses make it more difficult, so you really shouldn't feel bad if you can't tell which one is the High School Musical star. Click here to reveal who's who:

Vanessa is the one on the right!

Swapping Vanessa With Selena

Hudgens loves playing mind games with us lately, face swapping with fellow Disney star Selena Gomez while in Miami. And it totally works!

What Has She Been Up To?

Hudgens at the Fox Winter TCA party
Hudgens at the Fox Winter TCA party

The actress and singer starred in Grease: Live on Fox, and was recently announced to have nabbed the lead role in Powerless, a DC series on NBC about Emily Locke, a regular girl living among superhumans.

Did you manage to tell Vanessa Hudgens and her sister apart?

Source: TMZ


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