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There have been many speculations about who might have taken the Lucile in The Walking Dead's season 6 Grand Finale. Most people would agree that it was Glen, since his character had the same faith in the comics, however Robert K. managed to adapt the show to the audience and change the lives of the characters regardless of what happened in the comics.

The appearance of Negan was totally worth waiting for. Tension was over the roof, and if you are among those who kept their mouths shut and covered while watching the season Finale, you cannot help but wonder: Who was it that god Luciled? Who took it like a champ?

The episode gave up more than enough clues on who might die, however I`m certainly hopping that those were all "fake clues", leading us to believe in something else.

Eugene was especially the target of this fake propaganda, for there has been more than several clues revealing his potential death. Yet, I will have to disagree with the notion of him dying. I believe it is someone else.

With the phrase :"You will have to punch me in the head and tie me up", Aron has pretty much revealed that he will be getting Luciled. Many other clues were leading towards his death, but the most important ones happened during the "Eeny-Meeny" moment.

We know that the person who died was a male, judging by the voice of the person who took it like a champ. That eliminates Rosita, Michone and Megie.

The next clue is the Eeny meeny miny moe, and right before Negan finishes with "!", we see him passing Rick and going for the right, where only males are Carl, Eugene and Aron. So, unless TWD is playing with us again, this hypothesis has to be true.

In order to narrow it down to the one of the three, we have the next clue, which is right at the moment Negan stops on his victim and says "Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy's eye out..." and pointing Lucile towards Carl, who is obviously on the right, right next to Negan. This is more than enough proof that Carl is safe, but so is Eugene who is on Carl's left.

Last and final clue is Carl's silhouette, a shadow which can be found on Negan's jacket right before he swings Lucile. This is yet another proof that Negan is close to Carl, since the boy's shadow is cast upon him. This leaves one option available for our role of the victim - Aron.

One thing is certain - we will have to wait until October to see if the predictions were right. What do you guys think, is it Aron who got Luciled, and do you have any additional proofs?


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