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Heather Snowden

"This is not a test."

What would you do if you were high on morphine and someone told you the apocalypse was coming? Would you dig into knowledge banked while watching 28 Days Later or during reruns of The Walking Dead, or would you freak the fuck out, like the poor little sister of these two meanies?

So a few days ago it was National Sibling Day and the brothers of Millicent thought it would be absolutely hilarious — and to be fair, it was — to convince her that, following her dental operation, a viral outbreak warning had been issued and a zombie apocalypse was imminent.

Millicent, who did not have her wits about her at all — previously seen having a nice chat with her orange soft toy — was subjected to a (fake) emergency broadcast reporting, “…high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism,” and a worried telephone call from their mother instructing the trio to head home immediately.

From this point, she was forced to chose between household pets, sugar fueled survival snacks, and given shit garden furniture to defend herself with.

Was she ready? Not at all. Was it brilliant? — absolutely. However, something tells me that next National Sibling Day, Millicent might just get her own back.

Funfetti vs. Chocolate Cake. Discuss.


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