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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Of all of the Avengers, surely Cap is the most likeable. I mean, they're all super cool, but Cap is such a decent, stand-up guy, who could resist going for a beer with him? Sure, he can't get drunk, but he could sit there charming you with his lovely all-American smile until he carried you back to your squalid abode in his muscular arms. Or maybe that's just me?

Moving swiftly on, Captain America: Civil War directors Joe & Anthony Russo recently let slip that the jewel in the crown of the movie is a stunning 17-minute blow-out scene in which the full gamut of Marvel superhero royalty come together in a mega, unforgettable fight and, what's more, it's all shot in glorious IMAX. Anthony Russo (via Comic Book) said:

"That sequence we figured deserved that scope, that scale of frame, you know? We also have a lot of characters who fly in that sequence -- there's a lot of vertical movement in that sequence -- and so the added dimension of that IMAX frame really helps us sell the action on that axis."

How's that for a sell for most-anticipated scene? I'm practically frothing at the mouth at the thought of such cinematic mastery. Here's that lovely guy, Chris Evans, chatting about his role in Captain America: Civil War.

It's nice to hear him talking about wielding the iconic Captain America shield - and also good to know that there's a light foam shield out there that even a weakling like me could wield without bursting a blood vessel:

''Sometimes you have the full, real heavy shield, sometimes you have the foam shield if you've gotta hit somebody in the face. Sometimes there's no shield, you know, when you gotta do really acrobatic things with it, so... there was a lot of miming.''

Which part of 'Captain America: Civil War' are you most looking forward to?

Source: Comic Book, Youtube


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