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We might have a long time to wait until new Steven Universe episodes (only 11 weeks to go until June!), but at least we can rest assured that Season 3 will be just as explosive and awesome as the first. With the return of Malachite — a new fusion-busting weapon — and Yellow Diamond's (probable) arrival to look forward to, Season 3 is going to be fantastic.

And now, in a recent interview with Comic News Insider's podcast, Rebecca Sugar has revealed that one upcoming episode will be entirely musical!

Steven and Connie make music together.
Steven and Connie make music together.

Music plays a huge role in Steven Universe, with many problems resolved through songs. The soundtrack for the show is absolutely phenomenal — Sugar herself is very musically talented and the Steven Universe songs vary in style and genre depending on the character and the mood.

"We'll usually write premises and outlines [of the songs] so we usually plan for it in an episode — we'll have the broad strokes of in the course of the song, they have to learn this, or they start out feeling this way...we'll have the arc of the song."

Sugar discussed the storyboarding and song writing process in the interview, explaining how although they'll plan the songs first, the storyboard artists would occasionally introduce aspects the writers hadn't considered before, which would later be included.

Sugar used the example of a song in an upcoming episode which didn't originally feature Pearl until the artists decided to give her a solo verse. This song will be included in the musical episode, which is already shaping up to be awesome.

"We have a full musical episode coming up — it has seven songs in eleven minutes!"

The prospect of an episode which is entirely in song is super exciting. We still don't know whether the songs in this episode will flow together or if they'll be broken up by dialogue.

Steven and Greg Universe often sing together.
Steven and Greg Universe often sing together.

But we do know that the episode will also feature some dancing, and not just any type of dance: One of the characters will tap dance!

"[Shelby Rabara/Peridot] helped us with tap dancing in the musical episode. There's a scene with tap dancing, and when you hear it it's actually Shelby dancing!"

So Peridot could dance, and dancing usually leads to fusion — could we see Peridot finally fuse with another gem in this musical episode? The possibilities are very exciting, especially after Garnet and Peridot almost fused in the episode "Log Date."

The tap dancing noises could well be Peridot's little bucket stilts, and completing a fusion would be a fantastic way to develop her character. The musical episode will probably be one of the highlights of Season 3 and of the show as a whole!

Is it June yet?

What are you looking forward to in Season 3? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

[Source: Comic News Insider podcast, via ssansy on Tumblr]


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