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Dr. Jane Foster is the latest casualty of the casting cull for Marvel's upcoming [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858). It has been confirmed that Natalie Portman will not be reprising her role for the third Thor film, while Creed and Westworld actress Tessa Thompson is tipped to play Thor's latest squeeze in an (as yet) undefined role.

The God of Thunder will lose his mortal love interest for the Thor threequel. Let's just hope Portman gets a better send off than her "trip to Norway" mentioned in The Avengers. As for Thompson, news on exactly who she will be playing is unknown, but Deadline reports that the actress will be:

...a kind of superhero and will appear in other Marvel films as well.
Could Valkrie be appearing in Ragnarok?
Could Valkrie be appearing in Ragnarok?

Sketchy to say the least, but with words like "a kind of," it doesn't exactly strike hope into our hearts. The rumor mill has been flying that Asgardian Valkyrie will be joining Ragnarok, so is this who Thompson is playing? First introduced in Avengers #83, Valkyrie was chosen by Odin to lead the Valkyrior — a band of warrior goddesses who ride winged horses.

Eagle vs Shark director Taika Waititi, begins shooting on Ragnarok in Australia this June, with a story that sees everyone's favorite green giant, The Hulk, team up with Thor. Set during the end of days, "Ragnarok" signifies the end of Norse mythology, so it only makes sense that we will see the fall of several of Thor's allies as well as the appearance of the Valkyrior. Mark Ruffalo is clearly excited to take on the Bruce Banner mantle again, and to team up with Chris Hemsworth, describing Ragnarok as a Hulk and Thor "cosmic road trip."

Amora - The Enchatress
Amora - The Enchatress

Portman's departure is joined by Stellan Skarsgard's, who won't be returning as Dr. Eric Selvig, while rumors are circulating that it could also be Tom Hiddleston's last outing as the wicked Loki. It isn't all doom and gloom though; even with the impending departure of Hiddleston, it looks like Cate Blanchett could be joining the MCU as a MAJOR villain for Thor's next battle — could she be playing rumored villain Amora the Enchantress?

So, Where's Jane?

Once again we are returning to Asgard and Ragnarok, which will mainly be set in space —arguably one of the best parts to come from Thor: The Dark World — so it makes sense that Jane Foster won't appear.

Portman famously wanted out of the role already, but was contractually obliged to return for Thor: The Dark World. But could Marvel snare her again for a future outing? What if the next time we see her, Jane Foster isn't in the best of health? The MCU could be setting us up for the well-known female Thor storyline where Jane contracts cancer while simultaneously becoming the Goddess of Thunder. In the comics, it is Jane who picks up the hammer when Thor loses his ability to wield Mjölnir, but sadly each time she transforms, the process slowly kills her more.

Unfortunately, this probably won't be explored during Ragnarok, and for the time being there is no Jane Foster. Could Natalie Portman finally get her wish to have out of the MCU?


Will you be sorry to see the departure of Dr. Jane Foster?


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