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Superheroes have had a mixed start to 2016 with Deadpool smashing records and pleasing just about everybody. On the other hand, Batman v Superman has gotten a very mixed reception from everybody with the general consensus being a disappointing movie. [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is the next one to be released and so far it's been getting some very reassuring reviews to go on. Check out some trivia about the movie below that you can tell your friends to seem like the ultimate Civil War expert!

1. The movie had a HUGE budget

Superhero movies have gotten to the point of having to invest tons of money to make it back (not Deadpool) and Civil War is no exception. Actor Daniel Brühl (Baron Zemo) said this movie's budget was so huge that you could make 20 films from it.

We don't have an exact number, but the first Avengers movie cost around 220 million dollars. To top that, Avengers: Age of Ultron had a 279.9 million dollar budget which makes me wonder, how much was spend on Civil War? Most likely not near that much. It's probably closer to Winter Soldier's 170 million dollar budget.

2. Homage is paid to Falcon's Redwing

In mainstream Marvel comics, Falcon has an actual real falcon whose name is Redwing. As this may be far-fetched or a bit silly in Civil War's realistic tone, the team decided to come up with a clever idea on giving Sam Wilson a drone called Redwing, which is a nice homage to give the comics fans out there!

3. First live-action appearance for Black Panther!

Black Panther is one of Marvel's coolest characters out there. His super sleek black costume and incredible back story make him one of Marvel's most over-due movies to date! Chadwick Boseman will be playing the hero in Civil War for the honor of being the first live-action T'Challa.

The Black Panther solo movie is due to finally release in February 2018 with a lot of hype surrounding the movie already. The movie also stars Andy Serkis and is directed by Creed helmer, Ryan Coogler. Put it in your calendar everyone, it could be one of Marvels best movies yet in a franchise that doesn't look like slowing down anytime soon.

4. We get our youngest ever on-screen Spiderman

It's weird for me to think that the latest Spiderman is only 4 days younger than me, seeing as all the previous web-slingers on screen have been in their 30's playing the role of a teenager! At 19, this makes Tom Holland the youngest on-screen Peter Parker yet. I'm glad we finally an accurate depiction about how Spiderman should look. What do you think guys, do you think Holland will slay the role? Early reviews are saying he's great!

5. Robert Downey Jr. got paid a LOT of money for this

Robert Downey Jr. reportedly pushed his luck with his payment for this movie during production. Read the story below about the whole ordeal that happened getting Downey Jr. into this movie!

Marvel initially wanted to hire Robert Downey Jr.'s reprisal of Tony Stark as a small role, with just three weeks of work. However Downey wanted a larger role, which would lead to a bigger payday. Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter was furious over the request, prompting him to order the screenwriters to write Stark out of the story completely. When the deal seemed like it was off the table, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige pushed to hire Downey, citing that his casting in the film could leave the door open for sequels, new franchises, and dramatic possibilities within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Civil War could drive future storylines for these films. As a result with Downey's casting, the actor received a substantial payout that includes a backend participation deal and another payout if the film's box office gross succeeds Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

What do you guys think? Are you happy that Downey Jr. opted to be in more of this movie or do you think he might've been greedy with the money? Let me know in the comments!

6. Falcon and Winter Soldier raced when filming was done

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie seem to have a good off-screen relationship, which is always nice as a fan to know the cast actually like each-other! This pair decided to have a race in full costume when the production for the film wrapped up, which is amazing. I just want to know who won? Did Falcon ever learn to catch up with Captain America as he so dearly tried in The Winter Soldier? That's something you're just going to have to ask either Sebastian or Anthony..

7. This is the 13th movie in the MCU

Okay, this one you might've known if you decided to take time out and count the movies on your fingers, but who wants to do that? But yes, this movie marks number 13 in what has been an immensely popular franchise and crazily profitable business. The first movie, as you know, was back in 2008 with the first Iron Man. Eight years later and we have galactic bounty hunters, shrinking burglars-turned-superheroes and even a talking tree. It's been a good journey and this one looks to be one of the best in the series' franchise!

8. The Hawkeye/Ant-Man scene is straight from the comics

Remember the scene in the trailer where Ant-Man is propelled on Hawkeye's arrow through the fight? Well that scene comes straight from Avengers #223 where the exact thing can be seen done, as you can see in the above picture.

9. Director says Fargo and Se7en are inspirations

This is one of the stranger bits of trivia. Interpret this however you feel right, but Civil War co-director, Joe Russo cited Se7en and Fargo for being influences on this film. I'm not sure what that means, all I know is they are two fantastic films, so we know Joe Russo has great taste.

So there you have it guys! That's the very best of Civil War facts I could find on the web. Let me know if there's others you know of and comment them down below! Be sure to follow my page for more stories like this.


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