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Cinema has shown us the worst crimes to ever be committed in the form of the slasher film. Most of us know how to separate the gore-filled films we watch from reality, but sadly, some cannot make the distinction between fantasy and reality, and when that line is blurred it turns deadly.

In this case Wes Craven's classic horror franchise Scream was the inspiration for one brutal slaying in a sleepy town (much like fictional Woodsboro) in Belgium. The crime committed by 24-year-old truck driver Thierry Jaradin is what nightmares are made of.

Thierry Jaradin in court.
Thierry Jaradin in court.

Jaradin's target, his 15-year-old neighbor Alisson Cambier, was unsuspecting of the horrors that awaited her one day after school in 2001. Jaradin invited Cambier into his home and, once she was inside, he excused himself to the other room. When he returned, Jaradin was wearing a replica of the Ghostface costume from the 1996 slasher film.

Alisson Cambier
Alisson Cambier

He approached Cambier wielding two large kitchen knives. Once he reached her, he placed his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams and he began to stab her, 30 times in total, leaving her left side ripped open. He placed her body in his bed and put a rose in her hand. He then made two phone calls to confess his crime; one to a co-worker and the other to Cambier's father.

When police arrived, he confessed to the crime and that the murder was premeditated and that he modeled it after the first Scream film. The crime left neighbors and law enforcement baffled as he had no history of criminal or violent behavior and no history of psychiatric problems.

Jaradin was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

There have been countless copycat killings based on Scream, but this might be the most mortifying one to date. Not all monsters live in the land of cinema.

What other crimes do you know of that have been inspired by film or television?


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