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The Suicide Squad hype train is starting to build up a large amount of steam thanks to the latest "blitz" trailer for the film. One would imagine that said locomotive will really get going once [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) plays its guitar solo on everybody's heart-strings. Still, it's a couple of weeks before I see that so let's talk about Suicide Squad. Considering that title, one would imagine that at least one character isn't going to make it through this movie alive, as one of the staples of this franchise (which is one of my favorite comics) is that people will die. With that in mind, let's run through our squad members and break down their chances of survival. Take note that only characters whom we know concrete details about will feature, as there's no way I can form a prediction about Common's character as we know nothing about him.

1) Deadshot

Floyd Lawton (aka 'Deadshot') is going to survive this movie. I say this with such certainty because he's being played by Will Smith, and when you hire a big name like that to participate in the beginning of a franchise, you don't immediately kill him off. There's also the factor that Deadshot is a fairly well known villain, and his capacity to cross over into things like Batman films isn't one you'd want to squander.

Survival chances: 10/10

2) The Joker

Yeah, like DC is going to kill of such a marketable character.

Survival chances: 10/10

3) Harley Quinn

This one would surprise me, as Margot Robbie is a fairly big name, and she's a character a lot of people want to see. Still, she's not as untouchable as Joker, and Robbie doesn't have the star power of Smith. It could also finish off a satisfying character arc for her in the film. That said, she's still popular, looks to have a prominent role, and has such potential to appear elsewhere that her death would come quite far out of left field.

Survival chances: 8/10

4) El Diablo

Considering how forgotten a character this guy is, it makes complete sense that he might be expendable. However, we've seen a fair bit of him in the trailers at multiple stages, so if he does bite the dust then expect it to be some kind of literal blaze of glory towards the end, perhaps as some kind of redemption arc. Our lack of knowledge in regards to him makes things difficult, but his prominence in trailers and impressive power-set imply he might survive, although I'm far from convinced.

Survival chances: 5/10

5) Slipknot

I'm all but convinced that Christpher Weiss (aka Slipknot) is a goner. Not only have wee seen him make what looks to be an attempt at escape, but he's not featured in the group shots later on in the trailers. Considering that his ability is literally tying knots well (and they call Superman the boy scout) I think it's safe to say that Slipknot will be the first to go as some kind of example to the other squad members that they can't escape.

Survival chances: 1/10

6) Killer Croc

Looking at the obviously large amount of design work that has gone into this guy, and the fact that he's a decently prominent Batman villain, I reckon he's verging on the safe side of survival. Having said that, seeing as he's most likely a fairly tough character, his death would be a pretty intense way to raise the stakes, so I ain't putting any money on this guy getting out, but I hope he does.

Survival chances: 6/10

7) Katana

We don't know much about Tatsu Yamashiro (alias Katana) going into this, but she seems to be a more competent person than most of the other team members. On top of that, as she is often a hero in the comics, it's quite likely she has her own agenda here. Add in the fact that her connections to many organisations and interesting new characters make for some interesting world-building to carry on into other movies and I reckon she's pretty safe. Though her lack of major presence in the trailers is either trying to hide some aspect of her character, or cover up her early death. Who knows? Not me, but I'm going to make an educated guess anyway.

Survival chances: 7/10

8) Boomerang

With Jai Courtney looking more charismatic than he ever has before from just 30 seconds of trailer presence, Boomerang is a character who could go either way. Perhaps he's ridiculed all through the movie, and makes it to the end in order to toss boomerangs at the Flash in 2018, or perhaps he gets killed off half way through because he's a pathetic character who is extremely expendable. I'm leaning towards being a dead man, because I think it would be a hilarious joke to have him killed off with impunity, and you don't hire Jai Courtney to play interesting people that are going places.

Survival chances: 3/10

9) Enchantress

I find this one highly unlikely, as she seems to be the villain of the movie. Well, they're all the villains of the movie, but Enchantress looks to be the antagonist that the team is going after. At the board room meeting in the blitz trailer, she isn't shown as a team member, and some crazy magic stuff seems to be going down at major action beats. She would also function well as a connection between this and the confirmed to be in the works Justice League Dark project. That's not to say she couldn't die at the end, as she's basically bi-polar, with one personality being an evil witch and another being a nice young woman, so it could well end with her sacrificing herself for the world's greater good.

Survival chances: 7/10

10) Rick Flag

Rick Flag isn't actually a villain, but rather a government operative put in the team to keep all the bad guys in line and make sure they get the job done. Thus he stands a good chance of making it through the film. Speculation is ripe that he's actually an undercover Dick Grayson (the original Robin) which would make him definitely safe, but I don't really buy into those rumours. Thanks to the Joker being in this movie (though not a part of the team) I wouldn't be surprised if the clown prince of crime took out this guy for fun, but I'd say he has a decent chance of survival thanks to the sequel opportunities and government connection. Still, being a C-level character with no real fan-base makes him expendable.

Survival chances: 5/10

11) Batman

Just kidding with you, it's Batman, he needs to be in the Justice League. But wouldn't that be a twist?

Wrapping Up...

In the end, part of the fun about Suicide Squad is that virtually anyone can die. So let us know who you reckon is going to kick the bucket in the comments, and until next time, enjoy your life.


Who do you reckon will die in 'Suicide Squad'?


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