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The new Suicide Squad "blitz" trailer landed yesterday, and my word is it fantastic. Continuing the amazing use of soundtrack as per the Bohemian Rhapsody trailer, showcasing the ensemble villains of the squad and giving us a sneaky peek at Ben Affleck's Batman, it's certainly got us even more excited about this upcoming DC centrepiece.

But there's one character in particular that we're pretty intrigued by, even though she's not exactly been front and centre in the promo material we've seen thus far. We speak of the sword wielding Katana, portrayed by Karen Fukuhara in Suicide Squad.

Karen Fukuhara in 'Suicide Squad'
Karen Fukuhara in 'Suicide Squad'

Katana is Tatsu Yamashiro, and her origin story is really quite tragic.

Katana In The Comic Books

First appearing in the DC comics in the early 80s, Tatsu Yamashiro was an extremely proficient martial artist in her youth, but otherwise led a pretty normal life in Japan until time came for her to marry. She was caught in a love triangle between two brothers named Maseo and Takeo Yamashiro, and whilst she was friendly with both she fell in love with Maseo and they married. Takeo, feeling scorned by her rejection, left the family and joined the Yakuza.

Tatsu and Maseo started a family, with Tatsu birthing twin girls Yuki and Reiko. Things were great for the young family, until Takeo returned wielding a pair of mystical swords and challenging his brother to a duel for Tatsu, cause apparently the dude really couldn't take no for an answer.

Maseo is killed by his brother
Maseo is killed by his brother

A lantern was knocked over, a fire started and, whilst attempting to save his children from the flames, Maseo was killed by his brother with the sword later known as Soultaker.

Tatsu managed to defeat Takeo and get her hands on the sword, but she was too late to save her children from perishing in the fire. Escaping with only her life and mourning the loss of her entire family Tatsu trained as a samurai, and later left Japan for America under the codename Katana.

Katana with the sword Soultaker
Katana with the sword Soultaker

Wondering why the sword is called Soultaker? That's because, when her husband was slain by it, the blade became possessed by Maseo's soul, which spoke to her during her battle with Takeo. She later named it such, as it possesses the ability to trap the souls of its victims, which allows Tatsu to talk to them even after she's killed them. Creepy...

Katana In The Trailer

We saw a nod towards the mysticism of her weapon in the blitz trailer (see image above), as she holds it aloft and the air seems to shimmer and warp around the blade with the images of skulls. In the comics she often converses with the soul of her husband through her sword, but since she's the only one who can hear him other superheroes often regard her as a little mentally unbalanced.

Don't be so darn judgy Canary
Don't be so darn judgy Canary

There's a little nod to her origins in the Suicide Squad blitz trailer when, after being pushed up against a wall with her sword to his throat, Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) enquires: "You got a boyfriend?" and she fixes him with one hell of a death stare.

And what of her role in Suicide Squad? Well we've known for a while now that she's not actually going to be a member of the squad; rather she's hired by Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) as his bodyguard (as per comments made by Kinnaman to Empire Magazine).

"She's got my back. I'd advise not getting killed by her - her sword traps the souls of its victims."

At least we know someone's got his back, he's going to need that when Suicide Squad rolls around later this year.

'Suicide Squad' is set for a August 5, 2016 release. What was your favourite part of the new trailer? Tell us in the comments below!

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