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Some deaths in movies are bloody, some are funny — heck, some are both. There are times when the only thing viewers see is the death and not the importance or symbolism behind it it. A lot of times the movie death happens for a reason. It sets the tone for the movie or for the character — or characters — meting out the murders. So let's take a look at some great movie deaths and examine their importance and meaning.

'Kill Bill Volume 1': O-Ren Ishii Collects Your Head

While it might look like nothing more than a woman cutting off a guy's head for being insolent, it actually sets the tone for O-Ren for the rest of the movie. The cartoon of her backstory did show her before she became a leader, but sometimes people get soft after they come into power, choosing to have their underlings and henchmen do the dirty work for them. This scene shows that not only did O-Ren not become complacent in her power, but she might have also become less tolerant of disrespect. And with one quick swipe of her sword you realize that she is not to be messed with. So when she was getting ready to fight Beatrix, a.k.a The Bride, you knew this would not be a one-sided fight because when it came to taking matters into her own hands, O-Ren was unflinching.

'Freddy Vs. Jason': How To Not Make A Bed

I can't say unequivocally that this scene had any deep meaning. Yes, it was Jason Voorhees' first kill in years and it was akin to watching someone enjoy his favorite hobby for the first time in a long time. For Jason it was almost orgasmic, the way the stabbings get faster and faster before slowing down. And just when you thought it was over — BOOM, he folds the guy in half, just for the heck of it. No deep meaning here, but a meaning nonetheless. Because this was Jason's first kill in such a long time, it had to be brutal and memorable. It was also my favorite movie death of all time. Well, at least the funniest.

'V For Vendetta': Beneath This Mask

After being shot to hell and back, then defeating the troop of armed guards before they had the chance to reload, V still had enough fight left in him to wrap his hands around the throat of the last person on his kill list of evil men. It wasn't the death that made this scene so powerful, it was the speech that followed. Out of breath, barely able to stand, V still let Mr. Creedy know that nothing he could do would stop the idea of a free world.

'Big Trouble In Little China': It's All In The Reflexes

I might be biased because Big Trouble in Little China is my favorite action flick of all time. Most people will remember Thunder turning into a lemonhead and exploding as the best death in the movie. For me, it was Jack Burton saving the day. What made this moment so cool is that Jack was not the tough guy that his friend Wang was. So he got beat up a few times and endured more than a few calamitous moments throughout the movie. But when it was his time to shine, he did it in style: Catching a knife and throwing it back directly into Lo Pan's head. Granted, Burton missed the first throw, but it wouldn't be Jack Burton without a little struggle.

'Lucky Number Slevin': The Two Of You Killed Everything I Love

One of the best revenge scenes of all time. I have to add a spoiler for those of you who have not seen this movie; I'd feel bad if anyone didn't get the joy of seeing this movie play out to the end. Slevin waited 20 long years to exact revenge on the two guys responsible for killing his parents. And when he did, there was no emotion. He cooly killed both mob bosses the way they killed his family: Seated and gasping for air as they suffocated in a plastic bag. As for the guy who shot his mother, he shoots him in the head like the bad dog he is. The way Slevin's revenge came full circle was absolutely perfect. You couldn't ask for more resolution from a revenge flick. It didn't need to be extreme to be great. It had to be just and fitting. And that's exactly what we got.

Thank you for reading. What is your favorite movie death? Let me know in the comments below.


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