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You may not know it, but we got not just one but two "Suicide Squad" updates this week. The one everyone's talking about is the new trailer that just dropped. It's got everyone hyped, and for good reason. Unfortunately however, for me, perhaps ironically, the bad has outweighed the good when it comes to everything villainous this week. We not only received news of a brand new trailer, but also perhaps more importantly, the news that Warner Bros has decided to commence reshoots on "Suicide Squad". And I hate reshoots. Why? One word: Fan4stic.

"Suicide Squad" Reshoots: The Origins:

As with many origins stories, this one ends with disappointment. With "BvS" under-performing both critically and commercially Warner Bros Studios has decided to do reshoots for "Suicide Squad". Much like "BvS", "Suicide Squad" was written with a much darker tone to it's more colourful, jollier, Marvel counterparts. And for some reason Warner Bros is convinced this is the reason why "BvS" tanked. It had nothing to do with the lack of narrative, the lazy story-writing, the under-developed characters, or with the fact that the movie was more of an advertisement for 2017's "Justice League" movie, than it was about the title characters. I mean in a film literally titled "Batman v Superman" you'd expect Batman to fight Superman for longer than 8 minutes for pete sake!

God Damn Queen and Their Catchy Lyrics.

Remember the new "Suicide Squad" trailer before the new "Suicide Squad" trailer? No, not the weird emo one shot in slow mo. No, the one with Bohemian Rhapsody in it. Man that is a catchy song. So catchy in fact that the trailer racked up 45 million views. It was also extremely misleading. Literally every joke in the entire movie was allegedly told in that 2 minute and 31 second long trailer. That's really not funny - literally. Well Warner Bros have once again decided to get all up in a film-makers business, and have ordered director David Ayer to reshoot more funny jokes. Here's why that's a bad thing.

"Suicide Squad" is NOT "Deadpool"

Yes "Deadpool" was great. But do you know why it was great? Because it stayed true to it's source material. The merk with the mouth needed to tell jokes, because he's called the merk with the mouth. You know what happened the last time the studio tried to sway away from Deadpool source material, this happened:

Yes, that's right...
Yes, that's right...

They sewed shut the mouth of the mark with the mouth. Therefore what can Warner Bros learn from the Deadpool saga? No, not 'make it funnier', Stick to the source material!

David Ayer Doesn't Do Comedy

Writer/director of "Suicide Squad" is a great director. A great director. But he's not a comedic director. What do "Training Day", "End of Watch", and "Fury" all have in common? They're great dark movies, not comedic ones. Let the man stick to what he's good at and you will be rewarded. I promise.


The director of 2015's "Fan4stic"; Josh Trank, famously tweeted:

A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would've received great reviews. You'll probably never see it. That's the reality though.

Trank could clearly direct good superhero movies, we can see this with 2012's "Chronicle". "Fan4stic" didn't do so well however. It received an abysmal 9% on Rotten Tomatoes and audiences didn't like it too good either. Why? Well Trank believes it's because of studio intervention, and in particular, reshoots!

Ridley Scott famously said, what distinguishes a good movie from a bad one is "vision". Reshooting a film is a studio's direct attempt to change the vision of a movie than originally imagined, often with an eye to maximise profits. Unfortunately a profit maximising vision is not really a vision at all. And no vision leads to poor reviews and a disappointing box office. So it's obviously self-defeating. Studios don't seem to get this however, so let's spell it out: if you don't want to screw this one up as well Warner, leave it alone! please.


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