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6. We meet a new Inhuman.

This inhuman named Charles, causes people to see the futures of themselves and people around them. These vision's all have one thing in common, someone's inevitable death.

5. Daisy see's the future.

During an attempt to save this new Inhuman from being captured by Hydra, Daisy touches this man's hand, and gets a glimpse of the future.

During this flash of the future, we see a woman crying, Fitz & Simmons seemingly stranded somewhere, Lincoln with blood all over his face on the floor, Coulson shooting Daisy, and Charles telling Daisy "He was hoping she could help".

4. Malick finds true power.

I don't know where Ward is finding the time, but he has this exoskeleton arm for Malick telling him "this is the only way to feel true power". Malick then uses his new "power" to crush a man's throat.

3. Andrew turns to lash for the last time.

In the midst of all this chaos, Andrew walks into the base letting them all know that Lash is taking over. He's about to turn for the last time. He came to say goodbye.

A little while later May lets Andrew know that she gave him Simmons' potential Inhuman cure vaccine, a Hail Mary if you will. They have no idea if it will work. Andrew then knows whats happening, he locks himself in a containment unit, and we watch Andrew turn to Lash for the last time.

2. Malick tries to end Daisy

Malick finds Daisy on the roof and tries to kill her. Fortunately for Daisy, Charles saves her by touching Malick, giving him a glimpse of his future. We don't know what he saw, but he looks very shaken. At that time Malick crushes Charles and runs.

As Daisy and Charles are on the floor, Daisy tells Charles she was sure she could save him. She then realizes, he was meant to save her. Charles then ask's Daisy to protect his daughter, Daisy says yes and touches his hand. She then gets a horrific glimpse of the quinjet in space exploding that we all saw in episode 11.

1. Reality is an illusion.

We now see all the events Daisy saw from the future, were not what she thought them to be. The woman crying was Charles wife, recalling the day he turned into an Inhuman, Fitz Simmons are not stranded, they are outside the building together helping with the mission, Lincoln was only slightly injured from a fight with Giyera, Coulson didn't shoot Daisy, he shot one-way glass to save her, and Charles telling Daisy "he was hoping she could help" was him asking Daisy to watch over his daughter.


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