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Over the past 5 seasons of Teen Wolf, we have seen characters die, be brutally killed or murdered, move abroad and actors move on. Now we have to say goodbye to yet another beloved character on the show. Kira Yukimura, the katana wielding bad ass kitsune.

Arden Cho who plays Kira on Teen Wolf posted a heartbreaking message to her fans explaining everything. It seems that Jeff Davis, the mind behind Teen Wolf thinks Kira's story has run aground, when truthfully her story was just starting.

"I love Kira Yukimura so much, I love the Yukimura family, I loved my experience on Teen Wolf, I love the cast and crew. It's been an amazing, almost three and a half years." - Arden Cho

Sadly the producers of the show seem to have wrapped up Kira's storyline, so she wont be returning for season 6, and maybe ever.

Arden Cho herself thought she would be returning for season 6, she definitely did not want to leave and would have loved to have seen Kira's character develop, but the sad truth is, she was very abruptly written off the show. To say fans are disappointed is an understatement.

"I do wish we would've developed a little bit more of her powers and there would've been a more of like an epic ending but you never know with Teen Wolf, people might come back."

Kira started out as the shy goofy new girl who's dad was a teacher,

then she was the girl with the mystery behind her,

she soon became the powerful kitsune she is now,

she even went dark side for a while.

Her character has evolved so much and her story line just kept getting more and more interesting. When we last saw Kira, she was leaving the pack to join a tribe of skin walkers in order to protect her friends, but none of us though that would be the last we'd see of her, ever.

Kira's family brought a touch of history to the Teen Wolf plot, especially in Teen Wolf Season 3B where we got to explore Kira's lineage. After all, her mother is 900 years old. Kira played a major role in Teen Wolf Season 3B where everything that happened could be traced back to her family. In season 4 we got to see Kira use her kitsune fighting skills to save a lot of lives and steal a lot of kisses from Scott. In season 5 we saw Kira go dark for a while, and we also saw just how much she was willing to sacrifice for her friends, which is what she ended up doing in the end.

With Kira gone, we won't be seeing any more of some of the amazing relationships on the show.

Kira and Malia have such different personalities, one acts without thinking, and other has to think twice before acting, but they made such great friends and great partners in crime, and great dance partners too. Throughout the whole of season 4 and 5 we saw their friendship develop and come a very long way. It's a real shame that we wont get to see the adventures of the coyote and the kitsune anymore.

Kira and Lydia have always been there for each other. Solving mysteries, finding dead bodies, battling the supernatural. It's tragic to think that now with Kira gone, Lydia is gonna lose her best friend all over again.

Last but certainly not least, Scott and Kira.

Scott McCall thought he'd never find love again, until Kira walked into his life. The short time these two had together made for an incredibly beautiful love story. Scira shippers are gonna be especially heartbroken having one part of their otp torn away.

In her 3 and a half years being a part of the Teen Wolf cast Arden has made truly amazing friends and memories. It's gonna be hell for her to say goodbye to her friends, who've become her family.

No matter what, Arden Cho will always be a huge part of the Teen Wolf family.

In Arden Cho's time as Kira yukimura, she has battled nogitsunes, professional assasins, hunters, kanimas, dread doctors and beasts. She has almost died, she has saved lives and she has captured the hearts of Teen Wolf fans everywhere. Arden's incredible acting is what made Kira Yukimura who she is today. We've seen Arden grow as an actor and Kira grow as a character. She taught us how to be your own hero and how to face your fears.

Thank you Arden, for 2 and a half seasons of Kira Yukimura and 3 and a half years of your passion, dedication and love for the show and for your all around fun, bright and bubbly self. Thank you from the bottom of the hearts of all Teen Wolf fans. Good luck to you in whatever comes your way. No matter where you go, the love and support from the Teen Wolf fandom will follow.


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