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Marvel and Sony are pairing together for the new Spider-Man reset film. During the Captain America: Civil War press day, Collider asked producer Kevin Feige how Marvel and Sony were planning to split the creative vision for the film. Feige explained that the reboot is "very much a Sony Pictures movie," but Marvel will be in charge of the creative decisions:

"We’re working very much [together]. It is a— I don’t know exactly what the credits will be, but it is a Sony Pictures production of a Marvel Studios film. The agreement was that it is very much a Sony Pictures movie. Amy Pascal is co-producing it with us and [Sony chairman] Tom Rothman is leading the charge for Sony and that we are the creative producers. We are the ones hiring the actor, introducing him in this film, and then working right now on the script and soon to be shooting the actual Spidey film."

Feige also divulged that the film isn't an origin story, but there will be details and events from Peter Parker's past that will be unearthed as they shaped him into becoming Spider-Man:

"There are events that made Peter who he was, and we’ll certainly allude to those events, but we’re much more focused on his future and how he continues to grow and have a steep learning curve after, certainly, the adventure he had in Civil War on how to be his own hero.”

Though rumors are swirling about the title of the film, currently the movie remains unnamed. Set for a July 7, 2017 release date, the reboot so far stars Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei and Zendaya.

[Source: Collider]


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