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Batman v Superman is the worst superhero films I've seen probably since Batman and Robin. That doesn't mean it's all terrible at least the latter didn't take itself too seriously. It honestly has a whole lot going for it, for example Ben Affleck as Batman was probably the Highlight for me along with Wonder Woman played by Gal Gadot. Not really going to talk about Wonder Woman in this review because it was pretty clear she was shoehorned into this train wreck.

Riddled with problems left over from Man of Steel, the director simply didn't know what to do with all the source material. Visually the film is stunning and for the most part the acting isn't cringe-worthy but the pacing and plot is a jumbled mess that was just downright boring most of the time.

As a comic book fan who has read some of both Batman and Superman and also has a general idea of all the stories they toss in here, it just does not work. The story was full of Easter eggs, callbacks and tributes to the comics. For someone like me I thought it was amazing. However your common movie-goer that may know nothing of the comic book Origins are left scratching your head.

This film should have been great, the first hour and a half was really boring, I couldn't tell if this was supposed to be a Batman film or a Superman film. Between the two characters there was a drastic change in the atmosphere around them. Batman was very emotional, there was a lot of anxiety, fear and hatred all of course directed towards Superman. On the flip side Superman showed zero emotion, I almost felt like he was just a droid the entire time. Where was that raw emotion we had in Man of Steel?

Sad to think that this is technically the official entry of the DC extended universe and while I'm not going to even try to compare this to Marvel and what they've done, it just comes to show you some basic character development and build up could have made this a better film.

Batman faces off against Superman
Batman faces off against Superman

There was so many sequences in this film that could have been chopped simply because they really don't add to the film at all. I had a really hard time understanding Batman motives for his hatred towards Superman past the hole destroying his building because they didn't really evolve his hatred or why he thought Superman was a threat.

I truly felt the whole injustice sequence should have been used as a catalyst to send Batman over the edge through the use of dream sequences rather than just tossed at us as a one shot scene. Which then didn't have any consequence on the rest of the film or even mentioned again. The only thing it accomplished was telling the comic book fans that Darkseid was coming with the added final scene between Lex Luthor and Batman. A missed opportunity by the film makers.

Don't even get me started on the whole Lex Luthor Jr played by Jesse Eisenberg. I don't hate him as an actor but I do hate him in this role. Completely unnecessary and whoever wrote those scenes really should get fired. It was terrible and probably the only cringe-worthy parts of the whole film.

I always believed he want to destroy Superman and not Batman. I do understand that this is not the same Lex Luthor we're all used to but still it felt out of context and forced to the rest of the story. If Lex was creating Doomsday why did he need them to fight? It seemed pretty clear that Batman was going to fight Superman no matter what Lex doing.

Probably only emotion I saw from Superman was when his mom was kidnapped and used against him to have him kill Batman. That really took me out of the movie to be honest with you along with the shoehorned stuff about the Justice League characters and a small glimpse of their origin stories combined with everything else was just nonsense.

Was Batman v Superman a good film? Not really but its a good popcorn film you would expect nowadays. It has all the bells and whistles of a big Blockbuster film, huge action sequences, set pieces colorful characters and a big boss battle in the end.

Overall Majin Planet gives Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice a 2 out of 5. If you haven't seen it yet I recommend waiting to rent it. This could have been an amazing film as I'd love to see some of those DC stories but they dropped the ball hard. It's going to be interesting to see how they go forward.


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