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Kaio-ken was the main power-boosting technique of Goku. After becoming a Super Saiyan while fighting against Frieza Goku stopped using this technique. Due to the extreme physique Kaio-ken gives. It was always a very popular move and now we have hints in hand that Goku might re-use this technique in a new way in Dragon Ball Super!


Spoiler Alert!! ( Up to episode 40 )

As we know titles of Dragon Ball Super episode 38 to episode 40 got revealed. And I am going to use that information here. So, Spoiler Alert!

There are 2 versions of episode 39 title and I will need the version 2 here.

Version 2: ‘Hit Improves, Goku declines’ (provisional title)

Hit has the ability to skip time ahead just one tenth of a second. Goku counters this ‘Time-Skip’ by predicting what will happen 0.1 seconds later, but Hit continues to improve as the battle wears on. And so Goku busts out/ breaks the seal of Kaio-ken and fires a kamehameha.

The legendary assassin Hit turned out to be a real tough fighter. He absolutely dominates against Vegeta. And none of them are able to figure out his fighting.

This guy can go fuckin ahead of time! He has this ‘Time-skip’ ability by using which he can go 0.1 second ahead of time. From the episode 38 we know Hit kept going ahead of time and kept hurting Vegeta at his weak points till he became unconscious! So Hit is one real brutal fighter!

Then Super Saiyan Blue Goku is the next to face him. And Goku after a lot of struggle does figure out a way to counter Hitman Hit’s ‘Time-Skip’ technique. I really like this type of additions. I mean since Dragon Ball Super started we could say that Goku became a god. He is now faster, stronger and all that. But we didn’t get too many new moves or feats from Son Goku. But now in the upcoming episodes we will see Hit using this very cool ‘Time-skip’ and Goku will find a way to predict what happens next and counter it. So this is something let’s say valuable that can be added for example in Death battle scenarios.

Coming to the interesting part ‘. And so Goku busts out/ breaks the seal of Kaio-ken and fires a kamehameha. ‘

What does this mean really?

Could this mean Goku will use the Kaio-ken technique while he is in his Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form!!?

I sure hope he does because it would be fuckin amazing. Few days back a guy asked me if Goku had to sacrifice himself how would you prefer him doing that?

And I told him I would like Goku to use Kaio-ken times 100 while he is in his god form. Going beyond the limits of his body; making him temporarily the strongest ever. He will eliminate the threat and his body will explode afterwards.

I know nothing like that is going to happen. But still seeing Goku use kaio-ken while he is in his god form alone would be satisfying enough for me. The description also says Hit continues to improve. So I am guessing Goku and Hit both of them were fighting toe to toe. And a point came where both of them were increasing their powers. But it might have appeared to Goku that Hit might surpass him in power so he decided to use Kaio-ken to boost his power up, overwhelm Hit and defeat him with the kamehameha. The last time Goku used Kaio-ken was probably against Pikkon in the otherworld tournament and called it Super-Kaioken.

Kaio-ken is a technique invented by King Kai. It basically multiplies ki and power of the user allowing them to go beyond their limits for a ‘heartbeat’. And it comes with the consequence of damaging the body. In the official anime and manga Goku is the only to have mastered the Kaio-ken technique taught by King Kai. It’s mentionable though King Kai taught Goku Kaio-ken; he himself couldn’t master it.

Describing Kaio-ken Goku said-

‘"Oh... it's the Kaioken attack. It's like a massive upsurge of energy. Everything is heightened: power, speed, even hearing and vision improve dramatically. You sort of become a super-self. But it can only be sustained for a short time, so you have to get the job done quickly."

So it would be really interesting to see how Kaio-ken works while Goku is in his Super Saiyan Blue form. The description also says Goku breaks the seal of Kaio-ken what does it mean exactly?

I’m not sure. Could it mean that Kaio-ken wouldn’t damage Goku while he uses it in his god form? Also how do you think red aura of Kaio-ken would look along with the blue aura of the god form. Would it blend well?

I am assuming Goku developed the complete counter attack to Hit's 'Time-Skip' technique using this kaio-ken combination.

And at the end I would like to mention that Universe 7 won the tournament. Which pissed of Champa and he got so angry that he was trying to destroy his own fighters. At that moment someone walked into the stage..

Who walked into the stage?

This is specially interesting because episode 38 indicates that Monaka is not actually stronger than Goku. So who else is there to walk into the ring in a threatening manner?

Episode 39 and 40 spoiler alert!

Now here’s where I want your opinion?

Do you think the tournament ended normally with Goku flatly defeating Hit? Or could it be some kind of twist like Hit walking out or breaking the rules or trying to get away with the cube?

Anyway guys I just want to remind you that Goku using Kaio-ken in his super saiyan blue form is just a speculation based on the title description. He might use it in his base form or normal super saiyan form. For 100% confirmation we will obviously have to wait for episode. Or even the descriptions could turn out to be inaccurate.

However what’s your take on all this? Are you satisfied with Universe 7 winning the tournament? Do you love the fact that Dragon Ball Super is introducing new feats?

Bless the comment section with your opinion down bellow.


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