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Deadpool 2 Already In Production?!

Why yes, yes it is! The first movie alone pulled around $70 million on the first weekend! With that in mind, 20th Century Fox got excited and gave Deadpool 2 the thumbs up! You can bet that our favorite gunslinging, and sword wielding anti-hero will be back for seconds! We don't have too much information on it at this time but we can certainly do some brainstorming.

For Starters, Who Do We Need To Make Deadpool 2 work?

What I mean is the crew that will be making Deadpool 2 itself. We need to have the 4 key players for the movie to be as top notch as the first. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Rhett Reese n' Paul Wernick as the producers/screenwriters, and lastly we will need to have director Tim Miller on the case for the icing on the cake!

Which Characters Are We Expecting In This Next Hit?

If only Spider-Man showed up somewhere haha
If only Spider-Man showed up somewhere haha

This all really depends on where they take the story. After seeing the post-credits from the first movie we know that we will be seeing Cable. Since Cable is there we will probably be seeing Domino at some point in time in the movie. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead will probably still be in there somewhere. If the story heads towards the X-Force era then we can probably expect Archangel, E.V.A, Fantomex, Psylocke, and Wolverine. There are honestly too many possibilities!

What Could The Story Be For Our Merc With A Mouth?

The story could literally be anything honestly. One of the biggest theories right now, as stated above, is that the movie will be based around the team up of X-Force. Whether that's true or not is undecided, but that would be pretty awesome! Another theory is that they could go to the 2004 Cable & Deadpool approach. Floating cities, scary viruses, and even the infamous teleportation! Lastly, we could all be wrong and the story can branch off its own arc and make something original which is kind of what I personally think is going to happen

In Conclusion.

Deadpool 2 certainly is on coming one way or another. We don't have too much solid information on who or what is going to be in it, but just know that it certainly will be here with a BANG! All this information is honestly theory, and word of mouth so it's very liable to change at any time!

What Do You Want To See In The Next Deadpool Movie?


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