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Starting with a new cast member will join next season. Pete Ploszek will be playing a charming young teacher, probably mid 20's. He'll be called Mr. Garrett Douglas.

We do have to say goodbye to one of our main cast. Arden Cho (Kira). She won't return to season 6. That's all we know, there is not a real reason. Her story was wrapped up she said.

But don't expect her to not return ever again. She isn't in season 6, if there's a season 7. Who knows? She idn't dead, right? We said the same thing 3 years ago with Colton Haynes (Jackson), 1 year later with Crystal Reed (Allison), they didn't return, well Crystal did, in 1 episode. So don't get your hopes up to much. Sometimes a surprise is better.

But we'll see someone return that fans love, our favorite villain, a Hale. Peter Hale (Ian Bohen). Ian said on Twitter "I'm coming back". Nobody knew what he was talking about, till some pictures got leaked of him with a script. But hey, it can be anything. So well you can hope for this, it looks very true. But you never know anything on Teen Wolf.

Also Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman) might be back. Like i said might. He was seen on set, said by Ross Maxwell, a writer of Teen Wolf. This is according to Christian Posts. They only saw him talking to Jeff Davis. Could've been anything!

While we haven't seen a lot of new casting, Jake T. Austin and Ross Lynch have been rumored some time. Let me tell you something, it's fake! Christian posts had an interview with Ross Maxwell and he said this; "No, it's not true, i don't know Ross Lynch, so i have never seen him anywhere near the set. Jake T. Austin was on our set, but not really for us, he's on a movie "The Valley" and they were filming a scene, but they needed something, so we loaned it to them. We got it back. So that's cool. But like i said, has nothing to do with us."

Tyler Hoechlin isn't returning to Teen Wolf is season 6A, well we don't like to put peoples hopes up, but neither down. This is also fake he said (to Christian posts). "If he isn't returning, we don't know, we are writing for episode 5 now, we did 4 just yesterday. So how could we know? Some of the cast talk to him a lot and if he isn't busy and he says yeah i'm coming to California and we talk to him, i think we could work something out with him and he might be back in Season 6A."

The thing they already know is the airdate, look what he had to say more; "We have a date, well we got a date, it's soon, so if we can finish it in time with writing and filming and the Dylan O'Brien injury. Who knows? We might have to delay it. We have a great development fans have been waiting for 2 seasons and some 4 seasons and maybe 5 for. And we are doing that, for sure, they're getting the screen time they deserve and if we had to wait 6, months we would. It's no lie that we say he won't be a lot, or in episode 2, and he might not be a lot in episode 3. But we got a good storyline and he's doing fine so he'll be back a lot in episode 4 or 5, or both. He was on set a few days ago he said "hi" to his fellow cast members and he talked with us about what he'll have to do and he'll be back on set in May, 2 weeks before leaving to the set of "The Maze Runner". He can't do any stunts this season, that's for sure, that's in the contract we made with "The Maze Runner" and we have to wait till they finish to use Dylan O'Brien in stunts. I hope i didn't say to much already. I might get fired (laughs)."

We see a lot of truth in this, so we believe it!

Another thing we can say is, "The Nazi Werewolf" is the villain of season 6A, but not the only 1; a mythology will be a big part of season 6 too. Rumored or confirmed to be the Wild Hunt (Ghost Riders). Why confirmed? Jeff Davis told Palameros back in March this; "If you paid enough attention to season 5A and 5B, you'll know 2 or 3 villains of next season. And you had to look to a wall to know how 1 of the villains look". This was very interesting because we only really heard "The Ghost Riders" and "The Nazi Werewolf". While we saw him escape and Jeff Davis said "That's a Nazi Werewolf". We believe that he's even more scarier than The Beast.

We don't know much about him, but the wall shows The Beast of Gevaudan with red eyes! The same type of werewolf? But an Alpha? We'll have to wait and see!

We don't know much like i said, but we know that the sheriff station where Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby), Deputy Jordan Parrish (Ryan Kelley), Deputy Valerie Clarke (Benita Robledo) and Deputy Strauss (Aaron Thornton) work isn't a good place to go to when season 6A kicks off. It will be a big part of season 6A and it's not a good thing. In the real world we would never say this, but stay away from the sheriff station!

Scott's first beta's eye colour will change next season, no lies in that, Jeff wanted to do that in season 4 or 5 already but that didn't happen. Now Liam will be accelerating towards becoming an Alpha, but if there's a season 7, he might fail and get blue eyes? We don't know! But some rumors say, we'll see the older cast in college and the younger cast in the high school. While they'll focus on 2 packs and 2 stories in an episode and we'll see them cross paths and all that stuff and we'll see some cool stuff. This could be fan fiction but in an interview with Sivertimes one of the producers said "We are actually really focusing on stuff for season 7 if it happens, and we use fan fiction for that, and that is actually something we might do if Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden and Shelley Hennig stay. And maybe people that come back. We're actually trying to do that and we're actually succeeding, one of the cast said he or she, i'm not saying who, wants to leave after season 6, when his or her contract is done, and we actually knew what we had to do, before we do something that will piss of many fans." Now we assume he was talking about Arden Cho, or is someone dying next season?

We'll see Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) with her new powers next season and they'll focus on that a lot! like really a lot! It's her new development and we'll see another one in season 6B or 7A, we wait and see!

Another thing we'll see is Stiles and Lydia Martin (Holland Roden). Jeff said in an interview with MTV that we'll be very happen with Stydia, Malia is not going to be single a long time, but well know we know Kira is gone too. And Isaac, Theo Raeken (Cody Christian) and Brett Talbot (Cody Saintgnue) are all single too. While Jeff Davis told Cassanova news "We'll see some cast member getting new love". So we wait for that, for sure!

Something we also know now is that Theo Raeken isn't dead, Cody confirmed it himself, but we don't know, if he's coming back (yet).

Deucalion (Gideon Emery) is coming back in season 6, confirmed by Gideon Emery himself on Cassanova news "I can't say what will happen or anything, but we'll we didn't get to see what happened to Deucalion later on, but we have to wait and see in season 6, i'm back in at least one episode, a flashback? I don't know, maybe i'm back 10 episodes, maybe 20, maybe only 1. I can't know that, well i do, but i can't say."

So we can say that he's back in season 6!

But we have to be scared for someone, who we might lose later this season, JR Bourne who plays Chris Argent on Teen Wolf, we know he'll be filming the pilot of "Prototype" soon. And he'll still be a recurring actor on season 6. But some fan already went to say he won't be back in season 7 or he'll guest role in an episode or 2, maybe 3. While this could be true, we don't know!

We don't have to be scared of anybody else, Ryan Kelley told Cassanova new he's very happy and won't leave, like ever, he said "I'm not going to die next season, i would kill the writers, i'm sure that i would kill them! I'm very happy and i know i'm doing what i love, while i'm a badass and i'm not leaving, ever!"

So we don't expect him to leave. Their will be new opening credits of 1 minute long, well it could be 45 seconds or close to 1 minute, we don't know much. But we know Arden Cho isn't in it and 2 or even 3 new people will be in it. We'll see Ryan Kelley pop up in them, still a rumor. The rumor went so far to say that Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig and Dylan Sprayberry will all get new opening titles! While Tyler's stays very close to the same, others will get a very different one of their old ones, while Dylan Sprayberry's will be very close to Scott, to show it's his first beta! While this also could be fan fiction!

The season is called a "Ghost Story". Memory plays a big part of it!

We don't know anything else, but we know soon! We'll have some news next week, we've got an interview with one of the cast and Teen Wolf will hit Comic-Con San Diego in July, 2016!

While we're expected to see Tyler Posey direct an episode of Teen Wolf, he'll also produce and maybe even write for season 6B!

And Tyler Posey's character Scott, will go down a bisexual path, Tyler wants to support the LGBT community and if Isaac is really back, they'll know what to do! It's a rumor, but Tyler really said "I would support the LGBT community in every way, i see teens holding hands, like Gay teens, and i love it! So if i can do something to help, why not? I'll do anything! Well almost!" We don't know where we saw this, but we know we saw it!

Teen Wolf is said to air on June 28, 2016? False, MTV.Com said this fall in the article with the video/interview of Jeff Davis giving us 6 spoilers (those we mentioned). This fall, probably September, while it could be delayed to November, 2016.


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