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The Return of the King is the final chapter is a three-part series about the one ring and the Return of the King to the world of men. We begins the movie a little slow, showing the back story on how Gollum got the One Ring and the mark of the beginning to his end. Frodo and Sam are moving even closer to Mount Doom as Aragorn and the rest think of a way out of the mess there in.

The Dark Lord Sauron is making a final attack on the world of men as all of his forces on in. Aragorn along with the rest of the fellowship wonder if Frodo is still alive.

What can I say the actors did a super job in their roles and I am very happy with it. As a big can of the series its a little sad to see it come to an end but all things must end. Watching the DVD it was shown that even the actors and director had a hard time calling it quits. I have to take my hat off to them as they all did a great job in their roles, it was believable. I can't see anyone playing any of these roles.

It was very good. Overall I liked it, however I didn't like the CGI horses. They just look way to fake to me even know the whole scene where the big battle happens is mostly all CGI, it overall looked very nice. The basic effects done in the film where super as well.

There was one part where Grimy ran up in the grave of the dead and I think they could have done a better job with him and the hobbies as most if not all the shots don't show their legs and the ones that do only their feet as in the first film they seem to show them a lot.

Being base off a book the first thing you think is they messed it up. Well in a way they did change a lot of things. The fact the in the book that some events from Return of the King and the Two Towers take place inter mixed. But we have to break things up into a movie order.

There were some subplots remove or change to fit the movie. The acting wasn't bad either which with a super perfect script that there was its no wonder. This is one of those rare movies base off a book where watching it is just as good as reading the book.

Overall it was good, even know personally I think there are a few little details they should have fixed. For example in the extended version they added the little love bloom and some other side things they added that were cut from the original release version. Like I said overall it was super and well hell its Lord of the Rings, not much more to say.

I don't what I can really say about this. I mean it dead win every award that it was Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Makeup, Best Picture, Best Score, Best Song, Best Sound, Best Visual Effects and more. There are so many of them I can't list them all. The point it won 98% of all the awards that it was nominated. So basically the fans love it.

Overall Lord of the Rings is one of the coolest if not best movie base off a book series that I have ever seen. I watch Return of the King all the time. Yeah its a good 3 hours and 30 min's long but it's just a great story and everyone loves a good story so if you haven't seen this movie as you should-be as it was release in 2003, you should. This is one you have to buy the DVD for.

The normal version is fine, but you want to get more action and more of the full story and some kick butt features, but the extended version. The movie is so long it's on two DVD's two of them people. Then you get two disc of features which overall is worth the price of about $30 I believe. It may be less now as it has been out for a good while now.


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