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The Fantastic Four hit the theaters this weekend and point be true that this movie was a bomb. Starting Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd), aka Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), aka the Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm (Chris Evans), aka the Human Torch, Benjamin Grimm (Michael Chiklis), aka the Thing, and Dr. Victor Von Doom, aka Doctor Doom (Julian McMahon) is your basic comic book turn live action that does less then bring anything to the table.

With in the first 15 min's of the movie we're throw right into the story with very little background of what where seeing. We get a view of each character as they is before they gain their powers. As we move deeper into the movie it seems more like some kind of comedy film then a action back comic book movie. Now I've not been one for the comic book, however the way this film came out was very bad in my view. I was hoping to see loads of action, and a detail origin. What I'm left with is little detail and more jokes then I could care for. Even with a long origin we would still see some action like in Spider-man where a good 35 min's was about him becoming Spider-man, while here its about 15 min's and then the rest of the movie is just nothing but cheap jokes to keep us entertained until the final fight with Doctor Doom.

In my view Dr. Doom was the best out of the five actors. My problem with it was his origin seem to be a bit shacking at times and not much is known about what his powers are or if he was even effect when the space storm hit (It doesn't even show us). I have to say he did a nice job in the role and its really too bad that his screen time was cut down to a few cut senses here and there to make room for cheap jokes and less then action from the hero's, the Fantastic Four.

There was where good moments in the film and a few times I did laugh, the problem with the film was the story, in my view it seem to be more base on the Thing then anyone else, as taken he would have the biggest problem getting a handle on what had happen. I'm mean he did turn into a big orange rock now. The lines seem to be push on some of them and the acting was less then anything special.

I have to say if you've seen Star Wars a million times, you've had your fill of Batman and War of the World you should at least see this movie once. The sad thing is I don't see this movie holding the number one spot for more then a week, if that's until the next set of movies are release. Like some of the other summer hits like Star Wars and Batman which those stories where good to make you want to come back and see more. While at the end of Fantastic Four I found myself wondering if it was over yet and then the shame of a waste of ten bucks.

I was hoping to see loads fighting and action senses but my fill of that didn't come until the last 20 or so min's of the film. Which that on it's own seem to be push on. From the get go where not even sure if Dr. Doom is even going to attack the Fantastic Four until the last 30 mins and right after that the battle is on. The rest of the film while it had funny moments was very boring to me.

As most comic book movies go, they have always change them in movie form. This one is no different. Being the first family of Marvel in 1961 (which kick start the Marvel Age of Comics) this movie hardly lives up to the legacy of the comic. It seem to be more of a flash in the pants bad comedy then a action pack super hero movie. I was hoping for so much more form the film and had much high hopes, yet I feel like I was cheated out of my money.

If your a hardcore fan of the Fantastic Four, and your willing to seat thru the film then I would recommend going out to the theaters just base on that it was not as bad as most of the comic book moves. But do make sure you don't may more then $8 bucks. To those who find it easier to rent or buy DVD's, I say to you go and see it at least once. Overall the movie was good, and in a week (if its still in theaters) I may see it again, but at this point I would much rather see War of the Worlds, Star Wars, or Batman then to see this film again. The truth is folks Fantastic Four will not be pulling the theaters out of the box office slum and we'll have to wait to see what Hollywood throws at us next.


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