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Their the mean green fighting machine. The four turtles in a half shell in there first live action movie. And not the last one I would say, that's for another time. This is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the movie. Being the fan that I am, I have to say this was a great review for me to give. Our story beings with the foot clan taking it too the city. They have gain the trust of young teens to help them do their work for them. To everyone else they are unknown, their master the Shredder who I have to say is one of my favorite villain. We get a first hand look at how the turtles become mutant ninja's and their first great battle with Shredder.

One of the best parts of this movie is how well it was done. Some would disagree with me with how the movie was done. I for one thought it was good for what it was. Remember this film was done in the early 90's, this was before computers did most of the work. Its funny and for me was hit right on the noise as it went for how the movie was about 80% dead on with the cartoon. Which if you don't know was one of the hottest cartoons in American. Today anime rules the tv air waves. Such shows as Dragon ball Z, Gundam Wing, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh that are top dogs in the states. Back in the 80's and mid 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where king of the hill, a green one at that.

Starting Judith Hoag (April O'Neil), Michael Turney (Danny Pennington), Elias Koteas (Casey Jones), Josh Pais (Raphael), Michelan Sisti (Michelangelo), Leif Tilden (Donatello), David Forman (Leonardo), Kevin Clash (Voice/Splinter) and James Saito as Shredder. Also as voices was Robbie Rist (Voice/Michelangelo), Brian Tochi (Voice/Leonardo), Corey Feldman (Voice/Donatello), and David McCharen (Voice/Shredder). Many of these guys are not big time stars and more of them haven't been in anything really big. Most of them have been on TV or behind the scenes. Not having a all star cast doesn't mean you can't have a good movie. The fact that most of these actors where totally unknown to us, as we know this means nothing as look at Star Wars which had mostly all unknown actors. I think they acting was super for the film and was done very well.

Well being one of those old time movies with our much computers. Don't get me wrong here folks, they've been using computer in movies for years but when most people think special effects these days they thing something done ont he computer which more or less is fake. This movie use puppets, voice over's and some very good camera angles to give you the full story. The costumes of the turtles was very good, to a point as I remember when I was a kid I thought they where real. When your a kid you believe anything. But in either way the small puppets and clay effects used where super for the movie of this kind.

Being a big fan of the comic and cartoon as a kid, this movie was one of those long time dues as today I wait for such movies as Spiderman 3 to be release this was just the same then. The story was very different from the cartoon. Many elements had been changed or done different or removed. Which is alright as one you don't want it to be cheeses or stupid. Its also hollywood for yeah, which they really never do anything right to begin with. However they did a good job with what budget they had and the fact the movie was done to show us if they where real how would the world look. Remember they live in New York and I think you'll agree that it was right on the money for being a film done in 1990.

Very well. besides from a few things I thought could have been better, it as overall a good way to go. The first 15 min's of the movie was a bit boring now that I look at it. The movie seems to pick up very well after the first 15 min's but after a big battle with the foot clan, the movie almost dies. As its tell a good story. I just thought more action could have been place into it. About mid way to the end the movie really gets good and overall does a nice job to make you life and to keep going. The story and action went together perfect and I for one was happy with what I got.

Remember that this movie was done at the peek of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So the fans really loved it. With the some what bomb of the next one and the total bomb of the last one was what killed it basically. In any case I have to say that the movie really went over well with the fans and those who are just movie lovers. Just think about where you where back in 1990, that is unless you where to young or not born yet, do you remember when the film came out? I tell you the fan fair was like Spiderman I tell yeah. It was big and I for one saw it a good 25 times in the theaters. Remember in 1990 I lived not far from the theater plus it was only $2.95 a showing and it was far easier to sneak in to showing then it is today.

Final thought on this film is that even know if more money was give to for it that it could have been so much better, for what it was and how it was done was perfect for a fan as I was back then. I'm still a fan to this day. Not of the new stuff they've done but to the original movie and cartoon series. The Shredder was the number one kick ass bad guy back then. You didn't mess with someone who had sexy looking Darth Vader style helmet and sharp shoulder pads and a two blade claw and to top it all off a fleet of minions. If it's not on your shelf already I would head out and pick it up. At least give it a rent if your on of those people. Chances are to the age of this movie, I bet you have it on VHS just getting dust. The DVD is out now, not much on it however but well worth $10 bucks.


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