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Well this was the movie that I was really waiting for. It the story of how the clone wars started and the first steps of the Empire begin here. I remember going to the show and watching it. The whole movie was just great. I loved it. It did however have some bad parts and a few things that well could have done with out. Here is my review Attack of the Clones.

Well the cast and crew returns for this one, and like the last one they did a great job. The new guy on the set is Hayden Christensen, who played a much older Anakin Skywalker. When I first heard about him playing the role I first I didn't like it. Reasons being I have never seen him in any other film nor did I think he was right for the part. Was I ever wrong, he did a fantastic job at the role and even had me a believer. Some things that I wish they added to this movie they did. More of Samuel L. Jackson, more or less we get to see him fight a bit which was cool. The overall team that came together once again did a great job. One of the biggest shocks for me was Christopher Lee playing a Sith. Totally cool.

What can I say about this. The final scene with the clone war starting was cool. I love how they did that. And to think every clone trooper (soon to be Storm Troopers) where are done with CGI. When I first saw the film I know over half of them where only because there would no way to get those many people to do them, but all of them?? Wow and the other special effects they did where some of the best I have every seen in my life. Some will say that George Lucas went overboard with it this time, as almost 80% of the film was done using special effects. I disagree with that claim and this was by far a bit better than episode one. This was also the first time they used a full version cgi Yoda voiced by Frank Oz. Plus the best fight I have ever seen. Yoda vs Count Dooku. Out of the new era of Star Wars films has it comes to special effects, this one is the best.

As the story goes, it was a bit weak. Not to say that it was good, as it was. but the movie elements that we all know as star wars didn't pick up until the very end of the film I think this hurt it more than anything. The main base of the film was Anakin and Padmé falling in love as well they had to. Looking at the first film (episode one) we can see how Anakin has some feelings for her, and we see they like each other a little at the end, but its more of a friendship than anything. There was some side things going on that well thru the film off what it was about. The clone wars. The whole thing with the clone factory was well for me out-of-place as they didn't really tell who order the clones, why and how did this get back everyone. I hope they go into more details in the next film about this. As the story of Anakin went, like I said before about Hayden Christensen I feel he did a great job with the role and I look forward to seeing the final act of the star wars saga in May.

Well done for the most part. It could have been better, but the cut to cut to cut of everything going on, I got the feel that George Lucas was trying to add to much information at once. Maybe he wanted to do more with the film? Maybe, maybe not. However how the cuts where the overall setting of the movie was good. Along with the music, and action screen it was a good chapter to the star wars saga.

Well out of episode 1 and 2, this one is hated the most by fans. Why I have no idea why. It's a great film. Maybe it's because the title is "Attack of the Clones" and we don't see any clone attacking until the last 20 min's of the film. Maybe that some people hate Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker. Maybe it's because they feel the story was weak. Some say George Lucas dropped the ball on this one. I would have to disagree with many of those statements but overall on how fans took the film, it's not one of the best Star Wars films to be taken in by fans.

Finally overall the film had its good points and its bad ones. Like most star wars films it has action thrills and romance. The clone battle at the end was well worth the wait but I wanted to see more. The Yoda light saber fight was wow. When I saw the preview for it, yeah I jump out of seat. I think this will stand the test of time, just like the other star war films have. In my eyes, its one of the best star war films out there.


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