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The Suicide Squad. A group of our favorite baddies working together to get rid of even worse criminals. We were just given a new peek into the movie this week! I see a few more people, and I am a whole lot more excited about the overall storyline.

Oh, did you miss it? Let me stick the new trailer right here for you.

This is something to get excited about, but I do realize you probably have a few reservations. You, like me, may have gone to see Batman v Superman. This was the best disjointed movie I have ever seen. I loved the characters, but the storyline was a bit on the choppy side. To be honest, I was skeptical going into the movie, and coming out had me worried about Suicide Squad.

Not any more. I am so excited. I got giddy as I watched the new trailer.

WHOA. Wait. A diehard Marvel fan-girl excited about a DC movie?

So what has me excited? Why in the world should you be excited?

New Characters Entering the DCEU

Granted, there are currently only the two movies in DC's cinematic universe, and they have packed a ton of new characters in just a few movies. However, I think that this movie will do such an amazing job at introducing these characters. I am particularly excited seeing Harley Quinn and Deadshot in action.

Now, I know that some of these characters have been introduced in the TV shows, like Deadshot and Boomerang, but I have confidence that Will Smith will be a great Deadshot.

Then there is our lovable Harley. Obviously crazy, but she seems to be one of the unofficial leaders of the squad, along with Deadshot. This should be incredibly interesting. We see a lot of her in the trailers, and quite a bit of the time, she appears to get the Squad in gear.

All of this is great, but there is one thing that I am just dying to find out about Harley.

Why is she being rescued by the Bat that apparently doesn't mind killing people?


Ben Affleck's Batman was my favorite part of Batman v Superman. Seeing him in action in Suicide Squad has me on the edge of my seat. He appears in this scene to be diving after Harley. Also, do you notice the Bat-breather he has on his mask?? More interesting Bat-tech seems to be in our future.

But what in the world is his involvement in the movie? Most importantly, why is he saving Harley?

We are shown in Batman v Superman that this Bruce Wayne is brutal, and not afraid to kill his enemies. The people on the Squad are his enemies. Why is he saving one?

Well, I have a bit of a theory on that one.

Joker, The Villain of Suicide Squad?

Joker, the thing of nightmares.

That terrifying laugh in the beginning of the trailer.

I AM SO PUMPED. Granted, he will not be Heath Ledger, but I don't think that Jared Leto is going to disappoint.

We have been kept a bit in the dark about what exactly the Joker's role is going to be in this. This mystery has me intrigued, which is why I have theorized what his involvement may be.

It also ties into why Batman is in Suicide Squad, and I think we are given that idea in Batman v Superman.

It's no secret that the Joker is Batman's ultimate foe. So I believe that's why Batman is here and that he is working with the Suicide Squad to get the Joker. He doesn't just let Harley drown because he needs the Squad as a necessary means to an end. Zack Snyder states, on IGN, that:

In my mind, it was that Robin had died 10 years earlier, during some run-in with a young Joker,

So Batman has been having problems catching the Joker in the years since Robin's death? Has he become desperate enough to ally himself with the Suicide Squad?

This leads me to believe that Joker is our villain.

There are little pieces in the trailer that seem to hint at this, but is it true? Could all of the scenes actually be flashbacks to earlier times? They would still have to play some part in current times to be shown in the movie, so what would that part be?

Gosh, he is terrifying.
Gosh, he is terrifying.

I at least believe he is the villain in most of the movie, otherwise, why would Batman be here? If he has been having problems catching the Joker for ten years, it would explain why he would feel like he needed the Suicide Squad's help.

I am so excited about this movie! I can't wait to see how all the pieces end up fitting together. What about you?


Why are you excited about the Suicide Squad?

Source: IGN


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