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This year, Marvel's foul-mouthed, fun-loving Deadpool took the world by storm. After having the highest-grossing opening weekend for any R-rated movie and bringing in more than $756 million worldwide, Deadpool's influence on superhero movies is undeniable.

Impressive as that may be, according to Ryan Reynolds, who portrayed the titular character, Deadpool's success story means more to a select group of fans than just box office numbers.

At the press event for the Deadpool Blu-ray and DVD release yesterday, Reynolds revealed one of the greatest aspects of having played the "Merc With a Mouth" was the positive impact the character has had on children battling cancer and other illnesses:

"To be totally honest, one thing I thought was really fantastic is a lot of kids have been reaching out because they look up to Deadpool – a lot of kids with cancer and that sort of thing – and I've gotten to know a lot of these kids based on Deadpool."

While the R-rated Deadpool might not be the first movie that comes to mind when you think of children's entertainment, the story is one that resonates with many facing a tough diagnosis.

Reynolds, who made hospital visits through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, claims Wade Wilson's attitude toward life means so much more to these kids than meets the eye:

"They love this character Wade Wilson because he's basically given his diagnosis and flips like a bird, and that's something a lot of these guys and girls really relate to. I got to spend a lot of time with these kids and do a lot of things with Make-A-Wish Foundation."

It might not have been intentional, but it's so great that Wade Wilson's fictional struggles have been able to become a point of inspiration and laughter for these children.

For future hospital visits, however, Reynolds might have to revise some of his accessories and make his armor a little more kid friendly:

"I always want to wear the suit when I go into the hospital, but the problem is that the suit is mostly weapons. Captain America has a shiny shield, Thor has a semi-non threatening hammer, but I have like katanas and semi-automatic pistols, which is not something you go through the metal detector of a hospital in."

Knowing Deadpool, he might be able to borrow Captain America's shield for a little bit. And by borrowing, I mean stealing.

'Deadpool' will be released on Blu-ray and DVD starting May 10.

What was your favorite part of 'Deadpool'?

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