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Superman will also have some sort of presence on Supergirl. That has been made clear from the pilot. That doesn't mean that he will be used well. And last night's episode had a moment that proved just that.

Spoilers For Supergirl

Non, Supergirl's villain of an uncle, finally put in effect his evil plan, Myriad. It turns out that myriad lets Non take control of every human in National City. Except for Cat Grant and Maxwell Lord because ions or something. So, Supergirl and Superman is safe from it, right? Wrong.

Kara is, but Clark Kent isn't. The second he flies into National City, myriad takes over, and he joins the enslaved. Why? Nature versus nurture. As, Lord claims he is susceptible because he grew up on Earth, or "went to kindergarten and watched Sesame Street." The problem I have with this? There was no point for this.

Yeah, you can say it was to get him out of the way, but they did that already. When Kara is at the Fortress of Solitude, Kelex, the House of El's trusty robot, explains that Kal El was off planet dealing with off-world issues. That was a perfect solution. Que Clark IMing Kara how sorry he was that he wasn't there and how proud he is of her at the end of the finale. What would have been so bad about that?

However, the show couldn't do that. The show had the need to show us Superman. This need has been there since the beginning. And sometimes they don't know how to handle him. From the CGI Superman fighting Reactron in "Fight or Flight" to IMing throughout the season, this show has struggled with what to do with him. And, honestly, I have no idea either.

The show will never have Superman really be there. Henry Cavil will never show up, and I highly doubt they are ever going to cast a T.V. Superman. This means that he will only be mentioned or seen as a bleary image and flying dude. And maybe I don't have the best solution to this problem, but what they did last night was not it.

How Would You Handle Superman on Supergirl?


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