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We're all being spoiled in 2016 by these major studios! The upcoming X-Men movie is flying under the radar behind [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and Suicide Squad in terms of people chatting on social media. Days of Future Past blew me away with how amazing the story was and the stunning visuals that encompassed the movie. When Spider-Man made his debut in the last trailer for Civil War, everyone simply went crazy! Check out this news that will be delivered at Cinema Con tomorrow:

That's right Wolverine is set to make an appearance in the new X-Men movie and that he'll continue his streak of showing his beautiful face in every X-movie! I have no clue what his role will be in the movie, but I do hope that it is something more than a mere cameo. The X-Men will go against some of the most powerful foes that they have ever fought and will need all the help they can muster.

So, Singer pitched the idea to Fox while they were late in production for the film and they went for it! Why wouldn't you want Wolvie to be in the movie? See, at first Jackman wasn't going to participate, but Bryan Singer must have came up with something to change his mind. This moved just sky-rocketed my anticipation for the upcoming X-Men extravaganza!

Also, I want to know how he got his Adamatium claws in this newly formed timeline. That's a huge cliffhanger that must be addressed in this movie -- so we don't have to wait until 2017 for his solo movie to find out! Deadpool did wonders earlier this year by showcasing that a more adult-oriented film can do wonder at the box office! I can't wait to see this in theaters on May 26th in the United States.

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