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by Kiko Gomez

For decades, The Peanuts comic strip was the most beloved cartoon. Ever since the comic strip had ended in 2000, fithteen years later, The Peanuts comic strip is still timeless than ever. The Peanuts Movie continues that timeless legacy.

The heart and soul of The Peanuts Movie is Charlie Brown, the boy who always has dealt with misfortune all of his life. When a new person moves into Charlie Brown’s neighborhood, he believes that he can start over with someone new. That motivation takes him on a journey of love and self discovery.

The Peanuts Movie take a lighthearted tone about perseverance and it’s very earnest about it throughout the film. Charlie Brown’s pursuits of impressing The Little Red-Haired girl often end in failure. From the talent show to a book report, Charlie Brown keeps on trying impress the girl of his dreams.

What makes The Peanuts Movie great is the simple story and earnest comic relief throughout the film. Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s pet best friend, is wonderfully funny. His parallel side story as World War I Flying Ace is fun and enjoyable to watch. A standout scene is when Snoopy tries to get in school and gets caught every time he makes a mistake.

The Peanuts Movie’s use of CGI to keep Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz legacy alive is undeniably awe inspiring. From the 2-D bubble moments and the overall use of 3D of every Peanuts characters, the animation honors the spirit of the comic strip. Each character is well fleshed out and the design of each character is kept the same.

Overall, The Peanuts Movie is a new timeless classic to have. From the heartwarming simple story about perseverance to well use of CGI, The Peanuts Movie is a film worth watching over again with friends and family.

Rating; 5 out of 5 stars


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