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This week is a big one for Marvel Studios. Not only is today the premiere of Captain America: Civil War, but momentum for the studio continues later this evening on the Jimmy Kimmel show. All week Jimmy Kimmel has featured the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe while featuring new content for upcoming films; particularly Civil War. Yet Civil War is not the only Marvel Film in the spotlight this week as also making appearance is none other than Doctor Strange. Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel the show will feature none other than Benedict Cumberbatch; the man who will playing the good doctor in the fall blockbuster. Along with an appearance from Cumberbatch is the world premiere of the trailer to Doctor Strange. The show is just hours away, so there is little time to speculate on what to see in this upcoming preview. Yet speculate is precisely what I will do.

Seeing that this is the first trailer for the film I do not expect to see much from the preview. However I feel that the trailer will deliver in where it counts. It is likely that we will see the pieces of Doctor Strange's origin. This move would be no surprise as this could very well moviegoers' first impression of the Marvel character. The trailer will likely steer clear of any major plot points so I would not expect an appearance from something like an infinity stone (at least nothing that is up front about it). However the selling point in this preview will likely be the film's magical theme. Seeing that this movie will be looking at a different area in the Marvel Universe it is only likely that the movie's concept of magic is going to one of the focal point to the film- not to mention its trailer. I expect that this film is going to be creative in its spectacle, and I can only hope this will be reflected in the upcoming trailer.

Doctor Strange has all the makings of being a one of kind film for Marvel. The premise and direction alone is something new for the MCU and I can only hope that the movie presents the concepts of Doctor Strange in a unique and creative manner. This can also be said for the tonight's trailer as this is the first official showing for the movie. I can only hope this upcoming trailer is one to remember and make this Marvel film another one to be ecstatic about; but I suppose the only way to find out is by watching the previews when it premieres tonight.

Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4th.

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