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I have to confess that when I was bound to watch Get The Gringo, a movie about Mel Gibson, a criminal that gets captured, after literally crashing his car into the Mexican border and sent to some sort of prison, I was skeptical. It had the reputation of being a random, direct-to-video flick and and wasn't sure what to expect.

Well, this time it got the best of me, because I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would.

© 2012 - Icon Productions
© 2012 - Icon Productions

Filled with sarcasm and dark humor, the adult-child duo, courtesy of Kevin Hernandez, a 12 year kid that's addicted to cigarettes.

This movie has no fear whatsoever to reinforce whatever stereotypes you might have of Mexicans or the entire Hispanic community, but does it in such a tasteful manner that it's completely amusing to watch, accompanied by an equally leveled soundtrack.

The entire "white man trapped in foreign ground" plot is bold, but it's more entertaining as you'd expect, with some of the best action scenes protagonized by Mel Gibson since Payback.

© 2012 - Icon Productions
© 2012 - Icon Productions

Whatever your opinion on Gibson might be, I'd strongly recommend you put it aside for a moment and enjoy this solid homage to your favorite things about Mexican standoffs. I promise it will be worth your while.


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