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The [Spider-Man](tag:2683717) franchise alongside Batman has to be one of the most rebooted franchises in history. It has been rebooted a total of three times already in less than 20 years! Our new Spider-Man will be debuting in Captain America Civil War in a couple of weeks and will be portrayed by Tom Holland. We will also see him swing solo next year in his upcoming movie and the big question is who will the villain be? In the previous Spider-Man films we have seen Green Goblin, Lizard, Venom, Sandman, and Electro face the web slinger. The big question is will we see any of these rogues come to life next year opposite of Tom Holland?

It turns out that we are in fact getting a villain we have never seen be done in live action once Spider-Man swings in next year. In a recent report from Birthmoviesdeath it turns out the next rogue to challenge the Spider-Man character will be Vulture. The report however noting that Vulture will be in the movie makes it clear he will not be the main antagonist. It's a very interesting bringing in Vulture because as many know it was who Sam Raimi wanted in his take of the series.

Vulture if you are not aware is an older man named Adrian Toomes who built a special harness that allows him super strength and the ability to fly. He began using this contraption to do crimes but was soon stopped by Spider-Man. This, of course, started a feud that would last decades in the comics and Vulture would also be a member of the Sinister Six multiple times. The inclusion of Vulture, however, brings up a lot of interesting concepts we haven't seen in Spider-Man.

Vulture is a villain who flies so the possibilities of mayhem in the sky when both Spidey and Vulture collide sounds amazing. We also can think about just how different the two are, Adrian is an older man and Peter is apparently still in high school. If they do end up going with Vulture it would make a lot of sense giving Spider-Man a villain that's a bit smaller compared to Goblin or Venom. I mean I want to see them one day but for the first movie lets build Parker up to that. It's also interesting to note that they don't mention him as the main antagonist so he could be a pawn to a much grander villain for the sequel? We will just have to wait and see if Vulture is indeed the villain and if the Spider-Man film will be called Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Spider-Man movie hits theaters on July 7, 2017


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