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Looks like everyone at Marvel is hooked on a feeling as Kevin Feige has revealed that Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 will be part of Marvel's Phase 4!

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel, revealed his post-Infinity War plans at iO9. Along with announcing the plans for Phase 4, Feige announced that our favourite rag tag space bandits are slated for the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“We’re only working on what’s been announced through the end of 2019,” said Feige. “And it is still a big chess board for 2020 and beyond, but certainly I would say Guardians 3 is [one film that’s] up there. I don’t know what exactly the order will be.”

This really comes as no surprise to anyone. Guardians was a major sleeper hit for Marvel grossing more than $700million at the worldwide box office.

It's clear that Marvel have a lot of faith in James Gunn. It's very rare for companies to announce a third instalment of a franchise when the second isn't even wrapped up filming!

With Star Lord (and pretty much the rest of the Guardians) confirmed to appear in Infinity War, could we be seeing the teams third outing with an Avenger? Hulk has always been rumoured to join up with the Guardians, and Iron Man was originally meant to set their first outing up in Iron Man 3's post credit scene. Or could we be seeing Nova or Adam Warlock? Let the speculation begin!


Who would you like to see in Guardians of The Galaxy 3?


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