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Do or do not, there is no try..
Kerry Cepero

Comic is reporting that at the Warner Brothers panel at Cinema Con in Los Vegas, CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirmed that a Batman standalone movie featuring Ben Affleck was in the works.

For months, there has been rumors that there was a script floating around, and that Ben Affleck was pitching some great ideas about his version of the Dark Knight on the big screen. Those rumors also entertain the Argo director getting behind the camera for this Batman movie as well.

Fans have been buzzing on whether Ben Affleck's vision for the next standalone Batman movie will include the "Death in the Family" story, which will reveal the backstory behind the Robin suit shown in Batman v Superman.

Lots of questions folks, but at least we know the direction in which we are headed in, and with the rave reviews on Ben Affleck's depiction of The Dark Knight onscreen, it all looks very promising.


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