ByJoshua Zeus M. Delaysla, writer at

A couple weeks ago, information came out of the Cannes Film Industry claiming about Judd Apatow was joining the men from The Lonely Island so that his feature film will be successful. What that information was missing, however, was a firm headline for the venture, or a hint of what the film will be about. Well there is no need to wonder any more, as the plot for the feature has just become known to public.

Deadline carries a hint on the name of the venture addressing as Conner4real. In the film, Andrew Samberg will play the role for titular Conner, coming apart at the seams when his new record absolutely does not have any success. In order to turn things around after his tremendous failure, he tries to get the individuals of his old boy band back together again to reunite them. Samberg’s Lonely Island players Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone will be enjoying the other characters in the boy band, have on the development, given that they are connected to the venture as co-directors.

Conner4real will take “a potshot at comfortable songs documentaries such as Justin Bieber: Katy Perry and Never Say Never : Part Of Me.” What is uncertain is whether the movie will be created as a documentary one, or if it will be a structural one.

Obviously, trio of The Lonely Island will not be the only actors playing in the movie, and according to The Wrap point of view, his project has in fact already selected a few skilled co-stars. Sara Silverman will be enjoying Conner’s “sarcastic publicist’s role, while Tim Meadows is going to play the stars incredibly over-worked but always optimistic administrator’s role. Imogen Poots will also participate in the project, though exactly what her part would be in the film is uncertain at this stage.


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