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Wrestling is a fun distraction from reality. That said, even wrestling can sometimes manage to stretch our ability to suspend disbelief. Let’s look at the most head scratching things from last night’s edition of Monday night Raw.

YEAH! Credit: WWE
YEAH! Credit: WWE

Shane is still in charge for some reason

Before you start, I realize we should just sit back and enjoy Shane O’Mac being back on our TV screens. Lord knows it’s a welcome departure from every Raw starting off with 45 minutes of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon reenacting the little known Shakespeare play, “I’m an Asshat and I Know it”. Problem is WWE creative spent the better part of a month building towards the epic encounter between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker at WrestleMania. The match left a bit to be desired, but at least there was seemingly some finality to it. Shane lost. Undertaker can continue to wrestle one match a year (seriously, what crossroads demon did Undertaker make a deal with to get Mr. McMahon to agree to that?). For some unfathomable reason Mr. McMahon has left him in charge for the past two weeks.

Good Question. Credit: WWE
Good Question. Credit: WWE

After all the talk of Shane not being his son any more and blah, blah, blah, Mr. McMahon just caves. Mr. McMahon has been known to change his mind on a whim, but they could have come up with a better excuse than that. This week Shane was left in charge because of a massive outcry on social media? Seriously? If WWE listen to social media outcries Cesaro would be WWE champion, Big Show would have gotten fired, and Roman Reigns would be opening Raw every week against a member of the Social Outcast, not in the main event. Try again.

Magic Cesaro XXL

This is seemingly a thing now:

Dr. Phil…

Do I even need to explain this one? It seems the purpose of having Dr. Phil there is to start driving a wedge between Charlotte and her father Ric Flair. The problem is Dr. Phil’s message would have had a more weight coming from someone like Ric Flair’s best friend Arn Anderson. Or I don’t know, anyone else for that matter? Why would Charlotte or anyone else for the matter care what Dr. Phil thinks?

Why does every Roman Reigns Promo lead to a main event featuring the League of Nations?

Reigns isn’t a bad guy or a good guy. He is the terribly miscast guy. I actually like Reigns but the WWE has put him in a terrible position. Less is always going to be more when it comes to Reigns. If there is one thing I can count as a negative against Reigns its that every time he grabs a microphone, he ends up in a match against a member of the League of Nations. Does anyone really want to see more Sheamus? Yeah didn’t think so.

Bray Wyatt isn’t a bad guy… he’s a… good guy?

So... you come here often? Credit: WWE
So... you come here often? Credit: WWE

Bray Wyatt has had verbal diarrhea since debuting on the main roster years ago. The fact that he would beckon the Wyatt Family to attack the League of Nations over and over again without explaining why is insane. Furthermore, we are supposed to believe that Bray hates the League so much that he would willingly team up with Reigns. Most of the Internet Wrestling Community has bemoaned Bray’s lack of direction as of late, but I doubt anyone would want this for Bray. What’s next? Bray comes out shooting a t-shirt gun while Erik Rowen and Braun Strowman hand out sheep masks to children?

Attack of the Stone Cold Steve Austin Impersonators!

You have to admit, the debuting Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson (from NJPW’s Bullet Club) would place top five in a Stone Cold look-alike contest. Maybe that was the point. Wait a minute! Is that, is that? It’s, Stone Co… oh wait.

Eh... close enough. Credit: WWE
Eh... close enough. Credit: WWE

Tonight’s main event is brought to you by Booty O’s…

Yet another tag team main event featuring the League of Nations. The Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles match earlier in the card was to determine if Zayn would be added to the WWE title match at Payback. That match actually meant something. This match was seemingly a huge waste of time. The stare down between Bray and Reigns could have been placed at any point in the show. If the WWE title is what matters focus on the actual challengers, not a feud that if current storylines are any indication will not be happening any time soon. Ah well. At least we have this:

"Did you see that? Bray is joining the Bullet Club!"

- Every Smark


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