ByBen Coronado, writer at

It's a war that begun as a result of a culture clash between traditional values and our modern society's concept of self before others; which is played out between Iron Man and Captain America. Steve Rogers brings to life the traditional aspects of American society and the realization that team work and ethics are ideal to making society better. On the other hand Tony Stark seems to make rash decisions that end up in failure and yet never fully takes responsibility for his actions. So far in the series Tony Stark has been the reason for the downfall of the Avengers and yet he has brought them to the forefront of collective greatness. This Civil War will cause chaos but it will pin the traditionalist of our society against the fragmented self-centered modern society against each other. We will gravitate toward the leader that we best associate ourselves with in this epic battle yet to come May 6, 2016. Who will you choose as your leader in this Civil War. As for me let our battle cry be for truth, justice, and the American way of life. Go Team Captain America. In Rogers we trust! To WAR!


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