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Crossover events are ever more common nowadays, especially with so many superhero shows going on. Arrow x Flash x Legends Of Tomorrow have happened in CW alone, so imagine what it would be like if we were to see these crossover events extending to different networks and universes (comic wise), or even if we could throw in the mix some already cancelled/concluded shows.

It'd be legen-wait for it - dary!

Here are the 7 crossovers that would most likely change our viewers perspectives and take the TV entertainment to a whole new level.

Moonlight x Angel

Okay, this one isn't even a bit far fetched. I've recently thought back to Moonlight, thanks to this post from Charlotte, and it occurred to me that it was a quite nicely done show after all. David Boreanaz' Angel and Alex O'Loughin's Mick St. John had the looks and the moral crisis. Both were vampires and both fought crime in their spare time, and, most importantly, the two were so guilt stricken that they devoted their lives - or after lives - to saving the souls of those they deemed innocent.

Say a young woman was found dead in the streets of Los Angeles and Mick' investigation stumbles into Angel's, while human souls and lives are in the balance...

Supernatural x Shadowhunters

I've always wondered what it'd be like if Sam and Dean had more than their 'mundane' weapons to fight those demons and that's exactly what Shadowhunters brings into the fold. It's all about battling the forces of darkness with these two shows and, while the Winchester brothers have experience enough to send a demon back to hell blindfolded in Supernatural, Clary and co. have the magic to go with it.

Though I can already hear Dean ruling against the crossover saying that, if they have powers they're not from this world either, so they should probably be dispatched of as well.

Grey's Anatomy x House

Though E.R. is the ultimate medical show - in this writer's opinion at least - it lacks the lightness of Meredith's dance parties and the fun of Houses's fits. Grey-Sloan Memorial sure could benefit from House's brilliance and his team would definitely offer some new power couples into Shonda's Grey's Anatomy plot. The more I think of this, the more it becomes clear that House would be the perfect substitute as Meredith's "person", after Cristina abandoned her.

The crossover would probably not last for a whole episode, since doctor Gregory House has zero patience for personal drama in his life - or anyone around him, for that matter.

Lost x Under The Dome

Yup. Think about it...

Two shows totally centered in the philosophy of live and the whole "what's our purpose here" line of thought. Where Stephen King kept everyone stuck inside a single city, Lost adds territory so that the characters may do their soul searching. The bizarre triangle with Jack-Kate-Sawyer could learn from Barbie's and Julie's relationship struggles, while that cellar door in Under the Dome could totally make for a new Lost hatch cliffhanger.

We'd have loads of those, by the way, since both shows seemed to love torturing their viewers with "what if" questions and never gratifyingly answering them.

The Walking Dead x The 100

If surviving in a post-apocalyptic Earth is bad enough, imagine doing it in space.

The Walking Dead works in a Darwinist mentality, where the fittest usually is the one to survive, and The 100 has time and time again proved that theory. Also, although the walkers in The Walking Dead are biologically dead and the grounders in The 100 are living people, characters in both shows kill their foes with apparently no regret.

We've had Dark Rick and Dark Clark as well, so between the two of them as leaders, I'd say the survivors in both shows would last forever.

Game of Thrones x The White Queen

War. We love ourselves some war.

And violence. Gore. Oh, and power.

Game of Thrones fans know all too well the War of Roses is right there in the books plot, rewritten for everyone's entertainment. What better way to have Westeros history explained than to hear it straight from The White Queen herself? Lancasters and Yorks, Lannisters, Starks and Targaeryans all in a single episode fighting for the Red Keep of England.

Yes, it'd be quite predictable since history is already written, but it'd be frigging epic.

How To Get Away With Murder x Criminal Minds

Now, this is a tricky one.

Hotch is a pretty savvy BSU agent in Criminal Minds, so it'd be hard for him to miss Annelise's guile. On the other hand, she could be the attorney he'd go to for advice and then she sends her students to help out. Wes and his classmates would fit right in, until Frank came along and Dr. Spencer started putting two-and-two together and discovered Frank has learned How To Get Away With Murder.

It's quite possible Penelope would cross references on Annelise's group, so this crossover is simply doomed to fail.

What impossible crossovers would you like to happen?


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