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Supergirl Season One will come to a close this coming week on CBS-TV. Although I hope that it will be renewed for another season, the show is arguably the weakest of all the superhero undertakings currently being displayed on the small screen (I'm looking at you DC's Legends of Tomorrow). That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it and it's among my wife's faves. The showrunners have trotted out so many characters; recycling Smallville villains such as Livewire, Silver Banshee and, this week, Maxima. They have also used some more well known from other DC media, like Bizarro (featured in, virtually, every iteration of Superman ever, now in a SuperGIRL version), Red Tornado (a Young Justice fave of mine), and Toyman (often used in the various animation). But, my favorite sighting thus far on the show has been Indigo, AKA Brainiac-8.

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Indigo is being played by Smallville alum Laura Vandervoort, who played Supergirl in that jam. Note: I can't imagine anyone that could carry that skin tight outfit and the purple face paint or, as my wife calls it, blue (we settled on indigo, duh), better. Fans of the show will also know the Kara Jor-El's adoptive mother is played by none other than Helen Slater, the star of The Legend of Billie Jean and, most apropos, the 1984 movie Supergirl.

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I was thrilled, in episode 19: Myriad, to see both Laura Vandervoort AND Helen Slater in the opening credits. SPOILER ALERT: It was disappointing to have my fantasy delayed for now, but I am holding out the ever present, "super hope" to see all three Supergirls drawn into one shot in the season finale, Ep. 20: Better Angels.

My optimism is bolstered by the dialogue between Indigo and Non during the second act about his choice to let Kara live, thus far:

Non: "I could have killed her, but that would have spared her the agony of losing everyone she loves. I thought it would please you."

Indigo: "You've always known how to please me."

Everyone she loves? Let's see, you've got her friends Cat, Winn and, mostly, James; but I'm really looking at her adoptive sister Alex and mother Eliza (played by movie Supergirl, Slater). Indigo solidifies this thinking to Non later:

Indigo: "She and your niece consider themselves sisters, FAMILY...

Non: "Your point?"

Indigo: "You want to hurt them both? I know how."

Yeah, no shit, I know how too! We're going see them all head out to the country to KILL Eliza Danvers, that will bring them all together. Seeing all three Supergirls onscreen at the same time will be a major "fuck yeah" moment for me. Stand clear, because my head will, literally, explode...

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I think after putting up with this roller coaster season, Supergirl fans DESERVE this mind blowing moment in the finale.

Do you think they will show all the Supergirls in one shot in the finale?


Will we see the SuperSuperSuperGirl?


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