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About 4 months ago, shortly after the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War hit the web, there was talk that there would be a serious change to the character James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, better known as War Machine - Iron Man's sort-of sidekick.

This change was reported by the lovely people at Total Film, who seemed to let leak (from an unknown source) that War Machine's name had been changed to "War Hammer." In one of their pieces, they included this blurb:

"Old Shellhead's greatest ally, War Hammer (Don Cheadle) looks to get into a spot of bother in Civil War - the film's trailer shows his pulverised body being cradled by a distraught Tony. Could this be the end of the line?"

This has led to rather numerous fan reactions over the past few months, many of whom were confused by the change as he never uses this alias during the comics. Some fans embraced the purported change, whereas others, myself included, were doubtful in the name, and doubtful that the change was accurate at all.

As 'Total Film' was the only place to report this change, it seemed rather peculiar that the change was actually real, or if 'Total Film' had simply made a mistake that thousands of readers took seriously. With all the merchandise referring to the characters as "War Machine," it began to look more and more like it was just a false report - but some fans persisted the name change was real anyways.

Alas, I can put your arguments to rest...

Okay, maybe not this argument just yet...
Okay, maybe not this argument just yet...

Having seen the movie myself, I can assure you that Rhodey is still known as "War Machine" - he is never referred to as "War Hammer" at all during the course of the film. The name change rumor is, indeed, false.

Now, I can see where the mistake came from. It was likely that claiming his name was "War Hammer" was a simple slip of the tongue (or fingers, I guess) as War Machine does have a new bit of weaponry - specifically a mechanized war hammer!

Though it was only seen in promotional art and never in the trailer, the war hammer is used by War Machine at some point during the film. At what point exactly? I will save that revelation for a later date.

Though it does not look like a traditional war hammer, this piece of weaponry is still used the same. It is used just like any war hammer, and brings down a large force onto anyone whom Rhodey decides to hit - in addition to severely electrocuting them.

I can see where the writers at Total Film may have made this mistake - it is a very simple mistake that any writer could make. I am sure it was not intentional, and I am even more sure that they did not intend to cause such a stir.

War Machine's name is still War Machine, not "War Hammer." Instead, War Machine now uses a war hammer, which pans out to be a rather powerful piece of weaponry. Rest assured, Rhodey is still the War Machine we all know and love.

Which name would you have preferred? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Which name do you prefer?


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