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Superheroes can do some pretty wacky stuff. Stop asteroids, destroy planets, and, well, this-

That's all cool and great, of course. Who wouldn't like to have adamantium claws, healing powers and the ability to break the fourth wall? But what about the REALLY good stuff?

Like the ability to punch really bad Hitler!

Whether they were born in his era, or go to great lengths and travel through time just to knock a piece off of that Nazi ass's ass, we never tired of seeing Hitler get owned!

Here are several times throughout history that he was given a knuckle sandwich.

Captain America gets off to a good start by punching Hitler

In the very first issue of his very own comic, Captain America Comics, Cap get a stab at Der Führer. It sold a million copies, so apparently, most people liked that visual.

Raphael turtle-punches him

The story involves Hitler's brain taking a robot body into the past using the Time-Slip Generator, in an attempt to find his past self. The robot is destroyed in a fight, and Raphael knocks out the real Hitler when he tries to retrieve his brain.

Who really cares how it happened, though? Raph punches Hitler! Cowabunga!

The Human Torch torches him

No punches thrown here...the Torch flat out BBQ's the guy! In the Marvel continuity, the Human Torch and Toro broke into Hitler's bunker just as he was about to kill himself. They try to get him to surrender, but Hitler opens fire on the Torch, who in turn fries him. Hitler tells him buddy to tell the world that he committed suicide. Now we know what really happened!

Hellboy in hell

So when Hitler died in that inferno, he went to hell, of course. Who better to kick his ass for eternity than Hellboy himself?

Fantastic Four

So the Human Torch got his solo chance at Hitler, but so did the Torch, Invisible Woman, Nick Fury and She-Hulk. In 1936, on Earth-616, the team are trapped in the past, and Fury is on a mission to assassinate Hitler. He succeeds in doing so, but it just turns out to be a big dream. Damn!

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos go after Hitler

Again, Fury? Come on now. They succeed in capturing him, but Hitler reveals himself to be a body double. Foiled again!

Even Superboy gets a crack at him

Space Punisher vs. the army of mutant Hitlers

Red Skull rules the mutant Hitler army on Skullworld. I'll just leave that there.

Batman, Robin and Superman throw tennis balls at Hitler

What does Batman do when Nazis invade Gotham City? He beats them up and throws tennis balls at their fuhrer's face.

Daredevil battles Hitler

Hitler looks amused and confused!

Honorable Mentions

These are the mainstream heroes we're used to seeing, but by Gott, they still got to kick the crap out of Hitler!

Captain Berlin

Heroes Vs. Hitler

Midnighter kicks Hitler in the Fuhrers

The Unknown Soldier

Cat Man? Oh wow...

Young Allies

Captain Marvel Junior

The Blue Beetle

Bart Hawk punches Hitler


Der Fuhrer got his butt handed to him plenty of times over the course of history, as you can see, even if it was in make believe superhero land. We'll take that any day!


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