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We are all still recuperating from that amazing Doctor Strange trailer that left us in awe and of course anticipating [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). It turns out that we might have even more to be hyped from Marvel with the official title for the Spider-Man film. The reveal came during Sony Pictures panel at CinemaCon looking into the future of their movies and they announced the official title being Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was a rumor for a while but now it has officially been confirmed by Sony and we even got to see the official logo!

The news is the latest today surrounding the web slinger with rumors earlier learning the first villain might be Vulture. It was taken with a grain of salt but considering that was pieced together with the title we know is now confirmed it could be very possible. I mean the title works for me well because Peter is in high school and is finally home with Marvel so it works both ways.The Sony motion picture chairman Tom Rothman went on to introduce Tom Holland who gave the announcement of the films title at the panel. Tom went on to explain what homecoming meant for the Spider-Man film

It really is a homecoming for the character, because throughout the story Peter [Parker] is trying to find his true identity, and where he really belongs in this world

It seems that Peter might be in the middle of still trying to be that high school student but realizing his powers are much greater. It seems that Marvel is really going to explore that side more than Sony did which is exciting. If you really think about it Tobey and Andrew's version of Spider-Man was a senior about to graduate when we first met him. It's going to be really interesting to see a Spider-Man still in school dealing with villains but also getting his homework done!

If you're wondering what else was shown you might be surprise to learn there was footage as well. Although we probably wont be seeing the footage for a while or maybe till D23 we do have a description. The scene is basically Peter entering his home to find Aunt May and Tony Stark chit chatting. Tony goes on to tell Parker that he has entered into a grant and has actually been chosen, this is all new to Peter. The scene then goes on to Spider-Man's appearance we have already seen many times in the Captain America Civil War trailer. The big question is when will we see a trailer? We will just have to wait but in the meantime we will see Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War!


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