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Marvel released the Dr. Strange trailer just an hour ago. I saw it just now and it made me think I was on drugs. The trailer was epic but there's nothing in it. It was just how Dr. Stephen Strange lost his arm, went to Nepal and met the Elder One.

The trailer begins with our doctor stuck in his crashed car. Then we see a new marvel logo which is black in colour and then the scene cuts to Strange walking through a crowd in Nepal. And then we see him an a hospital room. The next scene shows the doctor before and after his accident.

Most of the trailer features his hands. Then we see Baron Mordo and Strange walking towards the ancient one. Now here, the ancient one taps the spirit out of the Doctor. That is one epic scene.

From the next scene starts the mind-f**k. It features people twisting the shit out of everything. Cities emerging from other cities. Strange falling from above and below and after all that, he says "teach me".

Then the title card falls. In the last scene of the trailer we can see Dr. Strange walking towards the round window. I literally thought he was going to say " the eye of agamotto". But he says nothing.

If you loved the movie 'Inception', then this trailer is a feast for your eyes.

Finally, I think the movie is going to be like a mixture of Batman Begins, Inception and The Matrix.

I know this is a short article but I hope you liked it.

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Check out the trailer below


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