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Zombieland 2 is happening.

The long awaited sequel to the 2009 hit, Zombieland is finally making some headway. "Zombieland 2" has just been given its first preview in the form of a logo reveal at CinemaCon earlier this evening. Zombieland(2009) followed a shy student(Jesse Eisenberg) accompanied by a gun-toting renegade(Woody Harrelson), and a twenty-something con-artist(Emma Stone) along with her younger sister(Abigail Breslin) traversing the undead landscape of a post-apocalyptic America. Their mission was intended to split the group up in their respective paths but the film concluded with the team sailing off into the sunset together. That's where we'd find them now in "Zombieland 2" if it weren't for the failed Zombieland Amazon series. The failed Amazon series was a continuity to Zombieland; it failed to hold an audience and didn't exhibit any of the comedic antics found in the popular (2009)Zombieland. However, "Zombieland 2" is the opportunity for the franchise to correct that mistake by rewriting the continuity in the franchise.

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Where Zombieland 2' needs to go.

With the logo reveal hinting at the film possibly under pre-production as it stands, there's lots of potential ground for "Zombieland 2" to cover in the new installment. For one, we need the return of the original cast of Zombieland(2009). It's already been proven by the failed Amazon series for the Zombieland franchise that a new set of characters in this undead world aren't all that entertaining. The stars of Zombieland(2009) brought something to the film that can't be replicated by a new cast. By no means does that mean there shouldn't be new additions to the cast, there should definitely be an expansion of the cast but one of the main aspects of the film that will get an audience back in the movie theaters after such a long absence without an installment in the franchise, is having the original cast reprise their respective roles; if not for the entirety of the film, the original cast including Harrelson, Stone, Breslin, and Eisenberg should return for at least partial scenes to set up a film centered towards a new addition to the cast. Apart from the reprisal of roles from the original cast, we also need to see a film driving towards a goal. Zombieland(2009) succeeded in being a fun thrill ride for the audience to view but if the franchise wants to expand to more films past "Zombieland 2" then production is going to need delve deeper into a more character driven film that will see the main cast coming to some head point or concluding their journey by "settling down" in a sense. There could be a send off at the end of "Zombieland 2" if the survivors left have found a place of acceptance in the post-apocalyptic world, wherein Harrelson could be seen golfing off the balcony of a mansion, Eisenberg's character setting up in the Playboy Mansion, while Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin's characters find their 'home away from home' in a nearby location. Of course that's all speculative for the moment. No other information on "Zombieland 2" was given out at CinemaCon, and there's no up-to-date information on the production status of the film. Though noting that a logo has been officially teased at a convention, then the likelihood of "Zombieland 2" already under going pre-production is very good.

Are you excited to hear about a sequel to Zombieland(2009)? What do you want to see in the sequel? And what cast additions do you want to see made to "Zombieland 2"? More importantly, is the Zombieland franchise going to gain enough interest after such a long span of time since Zombieland(2009)? Leave your thoughts below.

Update: Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick, writers whom worked on the Deadpool(2016) script are attached to helm "Zombieland 2".(provided via


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