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Ever since it began, Legends of Tomorrow has been very entertaining. Surprising since it comprises of a cast no one would have dreamed of compiling in any universe, ever but it works. For some reason though, it seems intent on making the mistakes Arrow made.

Here are some things LOT needs to learn from Arrow and hopefully improve in Season 2:

1. Don't force something on us we don't want!:RAY AND KENDRA

Remember how everyone was sick and tired of the Laurel-Oliver romance back in Season 1. It just couldn't work considering most of their conversations revolved around Laurel finding out that Oliver had cheated on her with this chick and that. The Barry-Iris angle in the Flash however is going much more softly and seems more organic than everything else and that should have been what they had followed. Instead LOT creators are shoving a romance in our face that NOONE wants (not even the characters themselves, seriously just look at Kendra!). It's this kind of nonsensical shit that not only eats up precious time that could be well spent in developing characters and furthering the plot but also affects ratings. Furthermore unlike OLICITY fans just aren't interested in this, which begs the question "Why are they doing this?". If you type "Legends of tomorrow Ray and" on Google the first thing that pops up is "Ray and Sara". Sara! who's not even had a proper conversation with Ray in the course of this show. That's how unpopular Ray and Kendra are! Seriously people get a hint.

2. Get A Good Villain: VANDAL SAVAGE

I almost feel bad for Casper Crump (Vandal Savage) because really his role is just written really lame. I swear he wasn't this annoying in the comics and I'm sure he doesn't suck as an actor. But like how Arrow creators wrecked Raas Al Ghul (played by a good actor Matt Noble), Vandal Savage too just comes off lame. And really there's no other word for it. I would like to add though that a good actor can often elevate a small role (Felicity in Season 1) or a mediocre script and the fact that these actors have been unable to do so, just means that it's time for a new villain.


The most obvious plot hole in Legends is how no one has even considered going back in time and killing Savage's parents OR even MENTIONING this. I mean something like "The time ship can't go that far back" or "His parents location is unknown" can work but no one even Stien who is a considered a genius has thought of this. Really? Arrow had similar problems in Season 3 and the whole season suffered due to bad writing and it looks like the writers learned nothing from it.


Remember when Arrow had good stunts...No? Me too. But people say they did so I guess they did, but one think I do know is Legends definitely does. All of the LOT fight sequences are fun to watch and admit it or not it's clear when Sara starts fighting that there was and always will be 1 Black Canary in the Arrowverse and her name is SARA LANCE. If anyone doubts her skills as a fighter take a look at her on Oliver's Salmon Ladder.


I'm not sure if I'm the only one who disliked the Star City episode but maybe I had high hopes for that episode since it was set to introduce Connor Hawke and Slade Wilson's son Joe. But man it sucked! Nothing worked and now the LOT writers are talking about making him (Hawke) a main character in the future! I love the team dynamic of this group and adding characters that feel off from the very first second will just bring the whole show down. Arrow is making the same mistake with Curtis Holt in Season 5, he is just a version of Felicity that sprouts nonsense and really old jokes that no one likes. And Arrow promoting him to a series regular, just gives me another reason not to watch Season 5

Despite its faults LOT remains one of my favorite shows on TV, it's also the only one I didn't want to see and ended up liking. Now I wait for it with more interest than Arrow which just seems to be getting worse and worse.


What does Legends Of Tomorrow need to improve?


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