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Monday April 12 was the day of the world premiere of Captain America: Civil War in Los Angeles. Of course, with a movie that's basically about being or , it's not surprising that the stars on the red carpet (at least those who didn't already have a role in the film, fighting one team or the other), were asked which side they were on.

Among them Stan Lee — king of cameos and father of most things Marvel, who had a very good reason for why he picked one side rather than the other.

Watch: Stan Lee Picks A Side

Asked which superhero he would recruit for Team Stan, he flipped a coin before revealing his answer: Captain America.

Heh. / Marvel Studios
Heh. / Marvel Studios

Although he did have a very good reason:

"Because Chris Evans is about half an inch taller than Robert Downey Jr. That's as good a reason as any, if you have to have a reason!"

A bit surprising coming from the man who brought Iron Man to life, isn't it? But he carried on saying that he wouldn't declare one of the two superheroes better than the other, echoing early viewers' reports that what made the film so good was exactly the fact that both sides seemed to be right, in their own way.

Don't leave me brah! / Marvel Studios
Don't leave me brah! / Marvel Studios

"I don't care, I love them both, they're both going to look real good on screen, and the audience is going to have a tough time deciding. I love them both."

Sounds like it's going to be an even harder debate than deciding whether we should eat fries with ketchup or with mayonnaise.

For Lee, Captain America Is The Most 'Pure-Hearted' Person Ever

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

If you think Lee was ultimately trying to avoid the question, think again, because he had already picked Captain America's side when he was asked at the Edmonton Comic Expo in September 2015.

"Whatever side Captain America was on, because he's the best, most pure-hearted person in the whole world. [...] By the way, he's a great actor, too, the guy who plays Captain America does a beautiful job – Chris Evans."

Such consistency is certainly no coincidence!

Are you or ?

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